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Corsair AX1200i Problems? Computer Shutting off once a day


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I have a weird problem with my computer.


For the last 3 days the computer has lost all power and shuts off once every day between 12-1 pm.


It shuts off completely no BSOD or anything, like there is a power outage.

But there is no power outage cause the monitors stay on and so on that is connected to the same socket.

I also have a clock on a microwave that should reset if there is an outage.


I then get the Red light on my AX1200i, so I have to unplug power and wait for a bit and then I can turn it on again.


It then stays on for the rest of the day without any problems. Can play games and use it like normal for 12-14hours without having it again.


So I am here to hear any ideas or thoughts, whatever you can think of.


What I have done so far:

Unplugged everything to the Power supply and done self-test and it works.


Rewired/unplugged everything to see if it was a connection problem somewhere.


Used a new power cable to the PSU to see if that was faulty from a different socket.


12V,5V and 3.3V looks good in multiple software’s while tests are going on.


Bios loaded optimal defaults, and reset with battery.


Stress tested CPU in Intelburn,OCCT and prime95. To see if I can trigger

another event. Did not work


Stress tested GPU in Heaven and FurMark. To see if I can trigger another event. Did not work.


Run OCCT with Furmark. Run OCCT with Heaven. Run IntelBurn with Heaven at the same time.


Temps: CPU Max:70 / GPU Max:60 / PSU Max:45 / Memory and Harddrive temps are ok also.


Tested memory with memtest86, no errors.


Updated bios


In the upcoming days im going to start the computer after 1 pm and see if it shuts down within a certain amount of time.

Also gonna start it early in the morning and see if it is still on when I come home from work.

Maybe get some software that logs/pings every second or minute. So I know when it does it.


So if you have any thoughts or ideas on what to test let me know cause I am at a loss.



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The circuit is fine, Only thing connected to it is the computer.


The circuit breaker is fine and the RCD is fine as well.


Its just the computer that shuts off.

Monitors stays on.


And they are plugged in on the same circuit.

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It might be.

I will try and connect a heater to the circuit.


I think its on 1800W, that should make it unstable.

If there is something wrong with that phase or breaker box itself.


Thanks for the ideas.

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On Tuesday and Wednesday it did not shut down.


And on Thursday today, it changed and shut down at 7:32pm Much later then normal. Before it was around 1pm.


So when it happened I plugged in a Microwave of 1200w to test if the

Circuit would break. Nothing happened.


Then tested with a 1800w heater same nothing happened.


Also checked sockets with with a Eurotest XA to see that power is correct and it is.


Im starting to worry that some component in the PSU is breaking.

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My AX860i also had random shutdown problems, but I have finally figured out the issue. For me, it's because by default, the AX860i is set to operate in Multi Rail OCP (overcurrent protection). I believe the same is true for the AX1200i.


Select your PSU in the "Settings" category in iCUE to change this setting to Single OCP (or to higher per-rail shutdown thresholds). If you find that your PSU is by default configured to be in Multi Rail mode, this could be your problem.


From my understanding, what Multi Rail OCP means is that each CPU/GPU cable (and the SATA category as a whole?) that's plugged into the PSU will have their own power limit. If the hardware on any rail goes over that power consumption limit, it will cause the PSU to shut down.


What could be happening to you is that at a certain time of the day, your computer starts to do semi-scheduled things that increases the power consumption, which trips one or more of the rail limits in Multi Rail OCP.


I fixed my PSU's shutdown problems by changing the settings back to Single OCP mode, which means the PSU will shut down if the sum total of all hardware on your PSU (per voltage rail) exceeds a preset power limit (i.e., for the AX860i, 859W for the 12V pieces, 125W for the 5V pieces, 82.5W for the 3.3V pieces; for the AX1200i, 1204W for 12V, 150W for 5V, and 99W for 3.3V). You can also increase the per-rail threshold in Multi Rail, if you know for sure how much power the pieces on each rail should draw.


Corsair's choice to set the default to Multi Rail is probably a huge mistake in terms of user-friendliness. Ironically, the digital architecture (the "i" in AXi) is what allowed them to have this (admittedly quite advanced) feature in the first place. Reading around the internet I find that many people have random shutdown problems, and many of them have RMA'd their unit, but as far as I know they didn't test whether this setting is the cause.

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Thank you for all the tips.


Will do the things weixifan have mentioned and see how it goes during the weekend.


And if it still does it I will then install my old ax750w and see if the problem continues.

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I turned it to Single OCP

And I turned on the fan at 40%, temp was at around 30-35C. According to ICUE


Then about 2-3hours later it happened again.


Computer shuts off completely, no warning just everything turns black.

And Red light.


So I took the AX1200i out and when I did it felt really warm to my hand.

Which I think was weird since ICUE said 30-35C


So now I have an AX750 in there instead.


So lets see what happens in the next couple of days.


Is it dangerous to run the AX1200i with jump start mode for too long? Wanted to have it on with only a fan on load to see if it will shut down at some point.


Great Regards

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One thing I am also currently having trouble with is that I can't control the fan on my AX860i with iCUE. I manually inspected them and noticed they weren't spinning at all. Did you make sure your fan was actually spinning? I uninstalled iCUE and used Corsair Link and it successfully turned on the fan.


I think the AXi series is really giving us a lot of trouble.

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Rightnow I have the AX750 running in my main system.


And I have the AX1200i running on an old mobo,cpu,ram half built system.


Gonna see if anything shuts down in the upcoming days.


So hard to pinpoint problems like this when you cant replicate them.

Does not matter how much I stress the system with running two different tests at the same time and so on.


Still cant replicate. I just happens sometimes (not even everyday) that the system just shuts down.



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had a random shutdown or boot loop and thought it was memory or cpu, it turned out tobe the AX860i, there obsolete now and got a HX1000i as a replacement not had an issue since, also whats odd same system is using less power and cooler,even the fans on the H115i pro run slower, and the AXI is classed as a better psu,makes you wonder.
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Had the AX750w in the main system for about 2 months without any problems.


I installed the AX1200i back to my main computer.


Now Im having this problem again.

Only today the computer has shut down 4 times with the red led on the AX1200i.

I had the ax1200i running in an old computer for a week 24/7 without any shut downs.


And as soon as I put it back in the main system it starts up again.


I replace my GTX1060 with an old GTX780 and it still did it shortly after again.


So Now I have the 9900k, Asus z390-F Gaming or the Corsair Dominator that should be the problem.


Could maybe be a harddrive. I have a Samsung 970 EVO and a 850 pro 500gb in the system. Dont know if they can overvolt and shut the PSU down.


Im getting pretty depressed and sad about this since I just bought new parts in November last year.


Maybe it can still be the PSU getting bad? even though it ran fine in the older system. Maybe when it needs to put more juice out for the new system something happens?



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I've had the AX1200i connected in the old computer for another week.


And now it does it in the old computer as well.


Sometime it's 5+ times a day.

Sometime it's 1 time a day.

And sometime it can go 1-2 days without doing it. But then it does it again.


So im guessing its the PSU that is going bye bye.


Which is sad cause I just got a new one on warranty 1 year ago.



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I'll mention this since I just went through the same evaluation, make sure you have not overloaded any of your accessory lines (SATA, Molex, PCI-E, etc). I had the same symptoms as you, did many of the same things, was convinced it was the PSU, put a new one in, and then... same problem. My mistake was overloading one of my SATA lines. I negligently forgot how much current 6xLL fans pull through the lighting controller and unintentionally put in on with another source that pulled from the same rail. The system was doing the hard restart to protect itself from me. There is no mention of any RGB lighting or anything else in your specs, but in a time where I can have 5.0A worth of lighting current alone in a build, this is an extra troubleshooting step some of us need to take. The red light suggests it may be something else, but obviously its better to avoid an unnecessary RMA.
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Are they having problems at Customer Service?


Made my ticket 12 days ago, been 8 workdays. No response.


Dont really mind the wait, But would be nice with an update saying that there is a long queue or something :)


Or is 2 weeks normal now since you are changing your system maybe.

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Ax1200i Why is this model still being sold? A Google search shoes that it's had problems since like 2014. I'm on my second one and it's exhibiting the same symptoms as my first one almost exactly a year later...and probably would have sooner if I had time to use my computer more.


Shuts off at random, no heavybprograms loaded. Red light. Unplug and wait for however long. Sometimes it turns back on but it keeps happening at random. I'm so frustrated!!!!!!!! I asked if they have an updated model or if they can send me a different kind because I'm not going through this a 3rd time. And I'm fairly sure the first one may hav fried my motherboard. But I'm not sure, all I know is I'm afraid to turn my PC on. Sigh.

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Hey just so y'all know I was having exactly the same issues and I solved it by:


- connect PSU to USB

- installing iCUE

- create custom performance profile and apply it to the device

- proportionally raise custom curve for AX1200i Temp so that the lowest point (20deg) is about 54% fan speed instead of the default 40%

- in settings, enable OCP for all channels, make sure max amps are set to 40A for each


Thanks to all of the people who posted ideas on how to fix it and allowed me to compile a solution. Hope it works for you too, I was about to return this thing (I have a brand new unit)

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