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Crystal 570x (inc Mirror Black) Setup Advice and Diagrams


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Pretty Isn't it :)




Hi guys..


Setup is the same for the normal 570x just minus the RGB Case lighting (psu shroud and Sails logo)


Firsty. Go read this


Corsair RGB Hardware Ecosystem FAQ Thead


Covers most things You need to know on how the system works.


Don't Skim read it.. take Your time.. there is a lot to take in.


Also watch the Corsair How videos for iCUE Setup and Operation



My Discord Channel for Corsair Case owners






when you get the case.


this is how it is set up internally.






Taking things further


now should you decide to add more SP RGB Fans and also want to Software Control with iCUE


this would be your next Step


this would include both RGB and RPM control of upto 6 SP120 RGB Fans and also the RGB of the Case Logo's




You could use a Lighting Node Pro but this would be at the Cost of the Rpm control of your fans. would be RGB control only.


Corsair 570x Mirror Black RGB logo's are Connected as a Single SP RGB fan. they are Plugged into Port 4 of the supplied Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub along with the Supplied SP RGB Fans. You would need to Add a Lighting Node Pro or a Commander Pro for iCue/LINK control. Should you replace the stock SP RGB fans with other Corsair RGB fans you would need them on a Second RGB Fan LED Hub and you would need to Move the Logo's to port 1 of the RGB Fan LED hub it's connected to.




And a little Further


As You Will have noted. you need to have a second RGB Fan LED Hub added in for your Case Lighting. (Corsair Logo's). The Case Ligthing is added into the Chain as a Single SP RGB Fan. this is how it is Added in iCUE/LINK and detected by the SP Button Controller.


Now You can 'Fiddle' the system to drop one of the RGB Fan LED Hubs by use of a Custom Cable that would be used at Your own risk.. This is a user modification and only for use with the Mirror Black case lighting and Sp RGB Fans.. DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE!!!.


also to be noted. when set up this way.. in iCUE/Link you would not set the Case Lighting. it will just be mirroring what Fan number 1 is doing (the SP120 RGB Fan Plugged into port 1 of the RGB Fan LED Hub)


the Setup would look something like this


1. No Software Control.




2. With iCUE/Link Control and also adding a Corsair Pro Lighting Expansion Kit




3. further changes include adding an AOI and and PSU into Your Corsair iCue Ecosytem.








Re:' The Custom Splitter Cable/Connector. this you can make your self by simply making a simple 'Y' connector with 2 female and 1 male connector. more on cable making here


DevBikers Cable Repair/Modification/Making Work Shop


He Really is the Cable Guy Round these parts :)


The cable it's self would look something like this








Again I must Stress!. this is NOT Endorsed or Supported by Corsair.. these are User Modifications and as such ALL at YOUR own Risk guys!


And here is a diagram using LL fans





I'll add further info to this over times as questions get asked :)


Thanks for reading and Please Rate the thread at the top of this page if it helped..



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Assuming you have the Mirror black?


like this buddy




You would need a Lighting Node Pro for the Corsair LED strips buddy


So, if I'm buying a 570x mirror black, replacing the fans with 6 ll120's, and adding a 115i pro, the six fans would go into the commander pro (and the fan led controller which goes into the commander pro), the AIO cooler would plug into a sata port on the commander pro, and the rgb logos on the case and psu should would take up the other sata port?


I'm just trying to make sure everything works together before I pull the trigger.

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Yes I'm planning to front mount it like that. It sounds like the between the cooler, the controller, and the case logo/shroud that there would be 3 USB inputs that need to be put into a commander pro but there are two places to plug them in on it. So would I need two of commander pros or am I misunderstanding? Edited by YaBoyKGtho
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That's the case logo and power supply shroud connector.


Can Confirm..


In the Mirror Black it has an RGB Corsair sails Logo in the front panel and an RGB Corsair Logo in the PSU shroud,, that is how it connects.. it is selected as a single SP RGB Fan in iCUE

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Thank you for your detailed explanation for this 570X case and fan setup.

I want to do everything in the Advanced Customer Setup including PSU and AIO but I would like to add another 4 of led strips. How should I achieve this?



I have 1 Commader Pro, 2 of Led Hub and 2 of Lighting Node PRO. Thank you for your help in advance!

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Thank you for replying me again. As shown in the picture, both USB ports in Commander Pro are used by AIO cooler and PSU. Should I use usb connector on motherboard? If I use motherboard usb to connect Lightning Node Pro, can I control RGB in the software? Appreciate your hel!
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