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  1. That's the case logo and power supply shroud connector.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the help, Zotty. I got everything working together as it should. Your posts here and elsewhere have been invaluable.
  3. Yes I'm planning to front mount it like that. It sounds like the between the cooler, the controller, and the case logo/shroud that there would be 3 USB inputs that need to be put into a commander pro but there are two places to plug them in on it. So would I need two of commander pros or am I misunderstanding?
  4. So, if I'm buying a 570x mirror black, replacing the fans with 6 ll120's, and adding a 115i pro, the six fans would go into the commander pro (and the fan led controller which goes into the commander pro), the AIO cooler would plug into a sata port on the commander pro, and the rgb logos on the case and psu should would take up the other sata port? I'm just trying to make sure everything works together before I pull the trigger.
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