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  1. Sure :sunglasse Meanwhile I've bought the node pro and waiting. I will tell how it goes. Regards
  2. Ok Zotty I will do that. Thanks again. Regards. :sunglasse
  3. Thanks Zotty So if I understand you well I could use a RGB Fan Hub in combination with a Node Pro and connect it directly to the motherboard via usb instead of Commander Pro ? If its possible could be a solution. Otherwise I will use the case buttons as you said before. Thanks again for the help
  4. Hy Zotty. I was reading your post, but I dont have it clear at all. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880 I am building my new PC and I have bought for this case the following componentes: Front Fans: Corsair H150i Pro (replacing the fans with 3 LL120) Up Fans: 2 ML 140 Rear Fan: 1 LL120 Corsair Commander Pro I also have 3 RGB Fan Led Hub. 1 from the case. I'm going to connect 2 of the RGB fan led hub to the Commander Pro and every type of fans to their respective Hub. The issue is with the Corsair Logo. I would like to connect it with the Commander Pro via RGB fan led hub in order to use with iCue software, but I suppose is not posible. Can I connect it directly to the motherboard ? Another possibility ? Thanks in Advance Regards :sunglasse
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