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Crystal 570x (inc Mirror Black) Setup Advice and Diagrams


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Zotty my man, in regard to option 2. With iCUE/Link Control and also adding a Corsair Pro Lighting Expansion Kit.


I am looking to have this configuration but with LL120 fans.


Since the case logo is recognised as an SP120 fan, im assuming I cant use the rgb splitter with a LL120 fan and the case logo.


So my question is, do you know if I can use the splitter to split 2 L 120 fans and have the case logo plugged into its own seperate port into the rgb controller?


If so, where I am I able to obtain this rgb splitter?


Thanks for your help again









Pretty Isn't it :)




Hi guys..


Setup is the same for the normal 570x just minus the RGB Case lighting (psu shroud and Sails logo)


Firsty. Go read this


Corsair RGB Hardware Ecosystem FAQ Thead


Covers most things You need to know on how the system works.


Don't Skim read it.. take Your time.. there is a lot to take in.


Also watch the Corsair How videos for iCUE Setup and Operation



My Discord Channel for Corsair Case owners






when you get the case.


this is how it is set up internally.






Taking things further


now should you decide to add more SP RGB Fans and also want to Software Control with iCUE


this would be your next Step


this would include both RGB and RPM control of upto 6 SP120 RGB Fans and also the RGB of the Case Logo's




You could use a Lighting Node Pro but this would be at the Cost of the Rpm control of your fans. would be RGB control only.




And a little Further


As You Will have noted. you need to have a second RGB Fan LED Hub added in for your Case Lighting. (Corsair Logo's). The Case Ligthing is added into the Chain as a Single SP RGB Fan. this is how it is Added in iCUE/LINK and detected by the SP Button Controller.


Now You can 'Fiddle' the system to drop one of the RGB Fan LED Hubs by use of a Custom Cable that would be used at Your own risk.. This is a user modification and only for use with the Mirror Black case lighting and Sp RGB Fans.. DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE!!!.


also to be noted. when set up this way.. in iCUE/Link you would not set the Case Lighting. it will just be mirroring what Fan number 1 is doing (the SP120 RGB Fan Plugged into port 1 of the RGB Fan LED Hub)


the Setup would look something like this


1. No Software Control.




2. With iCUE/Link Control and also adding a Corsair Pro Lighting Expansion Kit




3. further changes include adding an AOI and and PSU into Your Corsair iCue Ecosytem.








Re:' The Custom Splitter Cable/Connector. this you can make your self by simply making a simple 'Y' connector with 2 female and 1 male connector. more on cable making here


DevBikers Cable Repair/Modification/Making Work Shop


He Really is the Cable Guy Round these parts :)


The cable it's self would look something like this








Again I must Stress!. this is NOT Endorsed or Supported by Corsair.. these are User Modifications and as such ALL at YOUR own Risk guys!


And here is a diagram using LL fans





I'll add further info to this over times as questions get asked :)


Thanks for reading and Please Rate the thread at the top of this page if it helped..



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hey bud.. nope.. cant have those logos on the same RGB Fan LED Hub as the LL fans... you would with out a doubt need 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs unfortunately... you can get away with mix and matching LL/HD/ML fans (plays hell with synchronised/sequential effects though) but NOT SP RGB Fans buddy
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Damn how annoying...


I really like having a diff color for case logos, but dont want to plug in an extra node pro for some strips.... dont have any room left and would also need an extra sata power cable :confused:


hey bud.. nope.. cant have those logos on the same RGB Fan LED Hub as the LL fans... you would with out a doubt need 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs unfortunately... you can get away with mix and matching LL/HD/ML fans (plays hell with synchronised/sequential effects though) but NOT SP RGB Fans buddy
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Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a set up I want to make with 570X case and corsair components. I have modified an img provided in OP.




Will this work? or should I ignore the 3 fan control/power connectors that come from H150i (that would normally be used for ML fans), and plug the 3 fans cooling H150i into the Commander PRO?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Will remove image if its wrong.

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trying to get img to work
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I've got just the normal Corsair 570x Black case, and recently upgraded to the H100i RGB Platinum, and decided to replace the 3 front SP fans with ML120 Pros and my rear exhaust SP fan with a ML120 fan also so I'm running all the same fans.


How do I connect these correctly with the current FAN LED controller that came with the 570x case and the added Lighting Node that comes with the ML series.



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okay so my understanding is, connect the 6 ML fans to the Fan Led Hub, the Fan Led Hub to the Lighting Node and connect the Lighting Node via USB and SATA? and this will only control the RGB?


If i want to control the RGB & RPM i will need to replace the Lighting Node with Commander Pro?

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With the other 4 fans on a Commander Pro and the 2 on the H100i's splitter, all will be controllable through iCUE. The C-Pro connected cases fans through that device tab and the radiator fans through the H100i tab. You could put the 2 radiator fans on the C-Pro as well, but there really isn't a good reason to do so - most of the time. In the event of some wiring calamity, the cooler will protect itself, spinning fans up etc. If you try to run from coolant temperature from the C-Pro without the software running, they won't know what to do. That would include boot/restarts. On the cooler's fan controller they will follow their directions.
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Thanks for all this great info! I have the Mirror Black case with the H100i Platinum cooler. I melieve the fans are ML120. I think the fans are being controlled by the cooler. I want to replace the front fans with LL120's. I understand that the hub that came with thge case cannot be used so I may as well take it out.


The 3 pack of LL120's comes with a hub and a node plus. Do I need another hub to control the ML120 fans on the cooler or are they ok where they are? It


I have one LL120 at the back of the case. It is just white (because I don't have a controller). Because of the outer rim, it looks wider then the sp120's in the case. Is the cut-out at the front of the case big enough to show the rim?


I have 8 vengence rgb pro ram sticks which look awesome. I can see them in iCure so I assume they don't need to connect to anything.


My power supply is Seasonic so I guess that there is no way to mintor that. The board is a Gigabyte Gamer Pro 7. Lots of lighting but again, no way to control it.


There are two dark areas of the case. One above the power shroud and one at the bottom of the case (to the right of the shroud). I had purchased another cooler which did not fit the case. In my attemt to mod it I made it unreturnable. It was two 140mm ML fans. I was thinking of puttint one on top of the scroud and another at the bottom of the case. Would that work?


Thank you for the advise, it is greatly appreciated !

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Thanks for all the info! I got my mirror black case almost running. But I have two issues.

1. I need to plug the lighting pro USB into the commander. The plugs are different sizes. Is there an adapter for this?


2. The case lighting no longer works. I broke the speed/lighting control so I need to attach it some other way. I found a cable that fits a fan header, but I don't see a cable to plug into the RGB hub.



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Lighting Node Pro USB is an internal male 9 pin usb header... Commander Pro USB sockets are internal Female 9 pin USB headers.. will fit mate,,,


as for the cable between the Commander Pro and the RGB Fan LED Hub,, should get 2 with your commander pro

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Zotty, I think you've already answered my question here, but I just want to understand some specifics, so thank you so much for your time and willingness to answer stuff.


I've got a 570x SE and an h150i. I pulled the H150i fans out, and swapped them with the SP120s from the front of the case. (figured it made sense to have static pressure fans there since they are intake for the h150i on the front mount due to size. I also bought some LL120s with the LNP kit and was hoping to figure out a way to talk to all of them via icue/link. When the LL120 kit gets here, will I be able to use the extra hub and the LNP to talk to both the LLs and the SPs on different channels?


If yes, can you point me towards which diagram I want to be following?


Edit: not super concerned whether the front panel SP buttons work or not, if I can manage all of them via iCue/Link that's totally fine.

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Hy Zotty.

I was reading your post, but I dont have it clear at all.



I am building my new PC and I have bought for this case the following componentes:


Front Fans: Corsair H150i Pro (replacing the fans with 3 LL120)

Up Fans: 2 ML 140

Rear Fan: 1 LL120

Corsair Commander Pro


I also have 3 RGB Fan Led Hub. 1 from the case.


I'm going to connect 2 of the RGB fan led hub to the Commander Pro

and every type of fans to their respective Hub.


The issue is with the Corsair Logo.

I would like to connect it with the Commander Pro via RGB fan led hub in order to use with iCue software, but I suppose is not posible.


Can I connect it directly to the motherboard ? Another possibility ?

Thanks in Advance

Regards :sunglasse

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Hi buddy..


No other way to control the Case lighting than with a Lighting node Pro or Commander Pro dude... your other option is to leave those on the Case buttons and control manually....


remember.. the case lighting is technically classed as a single SP RGB Fan.. you cant mix this with other Corsair Fan types

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Thanks Zotty

So if I understand you well I could use a RGB Fan Hub in combination with a Node Pro and connect it directly to the motherboard via usb instead of Commander Pro ?

If its possible could be a solution.


Otherwise I will use the case buttons as you said before.

Thanks again for the help

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