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Can I count the radiator fan as a normal exhaust fan?


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Hello guys,


I’m here to ask if you can explain me more about the water coolers you have and if you can give me tips about cooling.


I’m thinking to create a deskmod to me, mainly because my home it small and I don’t have much space and it will make the space more useful. Because of this the desk needs to be small too, so I think that to use a water cooler is the best option to not make the center of the desk have much heat.


But I don’t know if I can count with the cooler(or coolers) of the radiator of a water cooler as a normal exhaust fan too, or if its efficiency to remove heat from the case/desk isn’t good like a normal exhaust fan (without a radiator to cool).


In the project of the desk I’m creating It has space to use four 80mm fans, two each side, and four 120mm fans on back.


For now I’m thinking to use the four 80 fans pushing cold air to inside, use a H60 to the cooling of the processor and it will occupy one space of the 120, and put the others three 120 fans exhausting the air, and here I don't know if the radiator fan counts.


I will buy a new hardware in the near future, probably it will be a new i5, but I want a better graphic card like a 1070 for example. For now I'm thinking to put a 120 fan to exhaust the heat of the gpu but, latter, with a better gpu, maybe then I put a water cooler to it too, I don’t know either if you have a water cooler that's contemplate processor and graphic card or if in this case I will need two.


And to let you know just in case, I’m not thinking to make overclock, it is just a pc inside a small desk to let me have more space haha.


I have some pics that I made in 3D to let you get the idea and understand it better.



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Yes, the fans on the radiator still move air through, but typically about half the free air specified number at like speeds. I think it does make sense to use the 120s as exhaust and it is good general plan.


Thank you for this information, I will continue it and counting with this value in mind.

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