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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there, After installing my new ICUE H100i Elite Capellix I noticed only the LED on the pump was lighting up. I thought that it was weird that the fans didn't light up but I went to the ICUE application hoping it was a setting I needed to adjust. After learning how to use the ICUE application, I did the "Lighting Wizard 4-Pin Setup" and to my surprise no fans were detected. Luckily I had another fan handy and tried to use it through the controller that came in the box with the H100i, and it worked! The fan was detected and I was able to use all the controls including the LED controls. So that leads me to believe that something is wrong with the LED's on the fan it came with. So to recap here is everything I tried: 1) Using a different fan 2) Uninstalling IQUE and reinstalling 3) Using an older version of ICUE 4) Plugging only one fan in at a time 5) Using a previous version of windows 6) Disabling ANYTHING that could be effecting/monitoring the fans 7) Switching around the order of which the fans are plugged into the controller To my knowledge I installed everything correctly considering the fact that I used the video on how to install it from Corsair's website. It's super frustrating and sad that I've had nothing but problems when it comes to Corsair's LEDs. I had a three pack of Corsair fans a few years ago and it was the worst thing ever. My PC is almost ready for a full rebuild and I was going to go full Corsair but if I can't get these LED lights to work I might as well but from elsewhere. There are a ton of good products out that the LED's actually work on them. The worst part about the whole thing is that I've been trying to fix it for hours now and I feel as if I've done everything humanly possible and it still fails to work properly. If anyone has a solution to this or has a faced a similar problem please help me! Also, something I forgot to mention... When in BIOS no fans that are plugged into the controller are detected. Just the pump shows up under BIOS but in the ICUE software I can see all fans that are plugged in. Could it be a problem with USB that's plugged into the motherboard from the controller itself? So confused and lost here, Ill add some pictures if that helps, thanks for reading if you made it this far!
  2. Hi! I updated the firmware of my water cooler to the latest version (1.01.32). Now i'm having some issues when i power my pc up. Before the update, the rgb lights of the pump appeared after 1 second, now it tooks 5 to 10 seconds to light up. Also, i'm having some kinda flushing noise that i didn't have before. I'm sure is related to this firmware. The thing is i need an older one or the one that came with the H100i. Does anyone has it? Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Pessoal, bom dia/tarde/noite. Estou com um problema com water cooler Corsair H100I, comprei de segunda mão, ele está funcionado tudo certinho, porem não consigo mexer nas FANS e nem no RGB da bomba, já tentei de varias maneiras resolver esse problema (troquei cabo USB, coloquei nas portas USB do computador, baixei outras versões do corsair link, instalar drive manual), porem sem sucesso. Alguém sabe se pode ser problema na bomba ou se tem mais alguma maneira que eu não tentei ? OBS: No Windows o drive do water cooler aparece como dispositivo USB desconhecido, já tentei em outros computadores mas aparece a mesma coisa. Poderiam me ajudar ? Obrigado!
  4. Hey guys, hope you're good. So I built my system 5 years ago for music production. The last couple of weeks it has pretty much ground to a halt. I get an error on startup saying CPU fan error and now the CPU is running at 100C*. Also Corsair link isn't displaying any information about the system when it worked before. The fans on the back that the pipes connect to still spin. Am I right in thinking this could be as simple as needing to re-apply thermal paste or could the pump be gone? Really need to get back making music! Thanks a lot. :biggrin:
  5. I have a Commander Pro and a Lighting Node Pro. The Commander Pro is connected to the motherboard via usb header, and the lighting node pro is connected to the Commander Pro via usb header passthrough. I'm using the 4 LED strips included with the lighting node pro, and two of the strips are connected to the Commander Pro, and the other two are connected to the Lighting Node Pro. All 4 LED strips are lit up, but my iCUE only detects my Commander Pro, and thus I'm allowed to change two of the LED strips, but not all four. Can someone please help me figure out why iCUE is not detecting my Lighting Node? P.S. I have a H150i water cooler, is this also supposed to be detected by iCUE?
  6. Hello, i am facing some issues with my Corsair H100iGTX water cooler. The pump seems to be not working properly. I had bought the device nearly 4 years ago. I had purchased the device from an authorised vendor. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the invoice and i don't think i can find it as it is a long time since my purchase. Is there any way to proceed with and my claim an RMA for the faulty device. I have all the original boxes and parts with me. Please let me know if there is any hope. My ticket no. Is #866595 Thank you.
  7. Hello guys, I’m here to ask if you can explain me more about the water coolers you have and if you can give me tips about cooling. I’m thinking to create a deskmod to me, mainly because my home it small and I don’t have much space and it will make the space more useful. Because of this the desk needs to be small too, so I think that to use a water cooler is the best option to not make the center of the desk have much heat. But I don’t know if I can count with the cooler(or coolers) of the radiator of a water cooler as a normal exhaust fan too, or if its efficiency to remove heat from the case/desk isn’t good like a normal exhaust fan (without a radiator to cool). In the project of the desk I’m creating It has space to use four 80mm fans, two each side, and four 120mm fans on back. For now I’m thinking to use the four 80 fans pushing cold air to inside, use a H60 to the cooling of the processor and it will occupy one space of the 120, and put the others three 120 fans exhausting the air, and here I don't know if the radiator fan counts. I will buy a new hardware in the near future, probably it will be a new i5, but I want a better graphic card like a 1070 for example. For now I'm thinking to put a 120 fan to exhaust the heat of the gpu but, latter, with a better gpu, maybe then I put a water cooler to it too, I don’t know either if you have a water cooler that's contemplate processor and graphic card or if in this case I will need two. And to let you know just in case, I’m not thinking to make overclock, it is just a pc inside a small desk to let me have more space haha. I have some pics that I made in 3D to let you get the idea and understand it better.
  8. Hello, I have a H80i Water Cooler since january 2014 and I am worried about it's lifespan, it's almost completing 5 years and I want to know if I should start looking for a new one ... This one never gave me any problems and I never noticed any high temperatures off the normal ... So what is your opinion? Thank you!
  9. HI guys, so I built my first PC yesterday and after booting up, installing app, windows, etc, everything was perfectly fine and working as intended except for my cooler and the temp. I followed the instruction, the cooler is lighting up inside my case but the cooler fans aren't turning and my pc temp Hit 67C while I was installing some low data apps like spotify or skype.... Also, I keep hearing the windows device connect/disconnect notification sound each 10 seconds, so I looked up in my devices and I kept seeing the corsair USB appearing and disappearing, is this because of the corsair link usb cable ? ( the link app was showing me my CPU was at 120C LOL which is impossible...) So I was wondering if I installed my cooler the wrong way ? I will step back what I did: - installed the cooler on top of my ryzen 2600x with the AM4 socket since I have a x470 gaming plus ( I reapplied thermal paste and cleaned the one that was pre applied) - installed the radiator and the 2x fans as exhaust on top of my case - now it's where im not 100% sure, I connected the cooler power cable to the CPU_FAN. After there is a "Y" cable that comes off the Corsair cooler, So I connected 2x cooler fans to the Y cable. I even looked the manual and everything seem to be in order, but I looked at my fans when I was installing apps and the case fans were working fine ( 1 intake installed on the SYS_FAN2 and 1 exhaust installed in te SYS_FAN4) but the 2x cooler fans were not turning at all and I kept hearing the annoying device connect/disconnect sound... Need your help on this!! thanks a lot :) HERE is a video of what EXACTLY is happening [ame= ] [/ame]
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