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Default color states when system is locked? Need all lights off.


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First post here, thanks in advance for any feedback given.

Ok, so I have:

  • Corsair commander pro
  • LL 140 fans connected to pro on h115i
  • Vengeance LED ram
  • Corsair rm650i
  • Latest version of iCUE installed


When my Windows is locked, all the lights switch to their default rainbow colors. I really need them to be black/off as the pc is in a room where I sleep an I end up having to put a black t shirt (lol) over my case to block the lights at night.


There's gotta be a better way.


Thank you,


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I set my profiles so that there is a timer on my Enter key; every time I press the key, it restarts the timer. If the timer expires, then it calls a profile switch to my dark profile which disables the lighting. The dark profile has every key defined to switch back to my default profile, while retaining the original key.
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