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How I would improve the K95 RGB Platinum


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The new K95 RGB Platinum is a great keyboard without a doubt. However, it's not as good as I would like from a $200+ offering from Corsair. The gaming keyboard market is an arms race right now and it's dominated by a few big players, Corsair being one of them. They need to innovate to stay on top. There are several ways I would improve it and I will list them now.


The light grey macro keys should come with normal black colored replacements.


The silver colored volume wheel should be black.


The keyboard should include the dust/water resistance of the K68. With the protective plastic cover underneath, drainage holes on the bottom, and a hydrophobic conformal coating on the PCB.


All of the keys should be mechanical in one form or another.



The wrist rest should attach magnetically and maybe have a soft touch silicone layer like on some mice like the SteelSeries Rival 310.


The keybaord should come with as many Cherry MX switch options as possible. The current restriction to two is a travesty.


Corsair should branch out into other switch manufacturers like Flaretech (cool optical tech), Kailh, Matias, KBT, ***ka, Greetech, Gateron, Topre (the holy grail of switches according to many) and offer them as options on the keyboard.



Hot-swappable switches would be an ideal feature so users could install exactly the switch type they want.



The USB-C cable should be detachable and braided. Aftermarket colored braided cables is a big deal you know.


A white backplate should be added underneath to enahnce the brightness of the RGB LED's like on the Strafe RGB keyboards for example.


Three rows of macro keys should be an option like on the older K95 models.



Silencing rings and other mods should be added as options.

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