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  1. Should be a sticky thread for Suggestions.
  2. FPS definitely should be there. Current FPS, Average FPS and even Frametime would be great too.
  3. I was thinking about getting the Nexus for its monitoring capabilities. But I read this review from July and it seems very underwhelming and lacking in functionality. Have any of these concerns been addressed in updates? https://overclock3d.net/reviews/input_devices/corsair_icue_nexus_review/1
  4. I can literally only find one Cherry MX Blue K68 in stock on the entire internet. :( Does Corsair have any lying around that I can buy? It would be great if water/dust resistance became a standard feature. I think it would be a good innovation for Corsair to pursue. No one else really does it except for like one Razer keyboard. I guess I mean I would like to buy a K70 RGB and K95 RGB but with water resistance. K68 is more like a Strafe RGB with water resistance. It's lower end.
  5. Is there a spill resistant/waterproof keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches? Is there a more premium K68 available? Can Corsair develop a rubberized layer for their other keyboards that can be installed to make them spill resistant too? I've lost two keyboards recently from spills. Don't know how to fix them.
  6. The new K95 RGB Platinum is a great keyboard without a doubt. However, it's not as good as I would like from a $200+ offering from Corsair. The gaming keyboard market is an arms race right now and it's dominated by a few big players, Corsair being one of them. They need to innovate to stay on top. There are several ways I would improve it and I will list them now. The light grey macro keys should come with normal black colored replacements. The silver colored volume wheel should be black. The keyboard should include the dust/water resistance of the K68. With the protective plastic cover underneath, drainage holes on the bottom, and a hydrophobic conformal coating on the PCB. All of the keys should be mechanical in one form or another. The wrist rest should attach magnetically and maybe have a soft touch silicone layer like on some mice like the SteelSeries Rival 310. The keybaord should come with as many Cherry MX switch options as possible. The current restriction to two is a travesty. Corsair should branch out into other switch manufacturers like Flaretech (cool optical tech), Kailh, Matias, KBT, ***ka, Greetech, Gateron, Topre (the holy grail of switches according to many) and offer them as options on the keyboard. Hot-swappable switches would be an ideal feature so users could install exactly the switch type they want. The USB-C cable should be detachable and braided. Aftermarket colored braided cables is a big deal you know. A white backplate should be added underneath to enahnce the brightness of the RGB LED's like on the Strafe RGB keyboards for example. Three rows of macro keys should be an option like on the older K95 models. Silencing rings and other mods should be added as options.
  7. I have been reading about water resistant keyboards and something interesting has come up with Razer's and Gigabyte's offerings. Their water resistant keyboards have a hydrophobic conformal coating on the PCB. Does the Corsair K68 have this feature?
  8. I am considering getting a Corsair K68 RGB IP32 dust/water resistant keyboard with Cherry MX Blues (Brown not available for some dumb reason). And I was thinking, it looks like the waterproofing part of the design is just a plastic sheath around the switches and drainage holes on the bottom of the board. If that's the case then I don't see why every keyboard Corsair has can't have this nice feature as well. It would be cool if all of their keyboards had standardized waterproofing. Maybe it could be an add-on option when you checkout. Personally, I wish I could get a K70 or K95 with the waterproofing. The K68 is a bit too low-end for my tastes.
  9. I run a quarterly LAN party in my area. We advertise it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Craiglist, etc. The attendance is always slowly going up. It's supposed to be just one day long, but it has ended up going on for two or even three days the last few times. Most people bring their own rigs, but I also am slowly building up a supply of devices to support the parties. There's a lot of drinking and spills that happen. That's why I really like the Corsair K68, but the lack of a Cherry MX Brown switch option prevents me from purchasing a large quantity of them. If they had this switch available I'd probably get at least 10 of them. Please make it so Corsair! And also, improve the dust/water resistance IP rating if at all possible. There's a Razer keyboard that is much more water/dust resistant and it makes me sad.
  10. Every Corsair keyboard should be available with every Cherry MX switch type. I'd prefer if they were also available with switches from Cherry's competitors too. And in my dreams I'd like Corsair keyboards switches to be completely hot-swappable.
  11. If they do make one I hope they make it available with any MX Cherry switch type that you could want. Too many of Corsair's products have very limited switch options. Ideally, Corsair's keyboards would be completely hot-swappable so you could completely remove the standard switches and put in any you want.
  12. Why is that? Just order a batch with Cherry MX Brown switches. Can't be hard. If I can't get that I'm going to have to switch to another keyboard company.
  13. I would very much like to buy a waterproof/spill proof mechanical RGB keyboard. The reason being because I spill drinks at my desk all the time. And the liquid usually gets on my keyboard. I try to avoid it, but it happens nonetheless. Especially when I'm tired or agitated. I saw when Corsair released the original K68, but didn't get it because it wasn't RGB. Now they seem to have a RGB version, but not with Cherry MX Brown switches for some reason. Unless I'm just not seeing it. When will this keyboard be available with Cherry MX Brown?
  14. I really got excited when I saw the new 280X case. However, then I was disappointed because I saw it is meant for small builds. I was hoping for a case to replace my aging Air 540, but the 280X doesn't meet my requirements. The issues I have with it follow: 1. No front HDMI port passthrough for VR headset gaming. 2. Doesn't accommodate ATX or EATX motherboards. My motherboard is an Asus EATX. 3. Doesn't accommodate 140mm fans. 4. No rear fan. I think a lot of people in the community would like to have a 580X.
  15. I too was disappointed with the 280X. I was hoping for a case to replace my aging Air 540, but the 280X doesn't meet my requirements. The issues I have with it follow: 1. No front HDMI port passthrough for VR headset gaming. 2. Doesn't accommodate ATX or EATX motherboards. My motherboard is an Asus EATX. 3. Doesn't accommodate 140mm fans. 4. No rear fan.
  16. I have a Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry MX Brown keyboard. I would really like to download some profiles to see how I like them. I don't want a crazy constantly changing and flashing profile because that would just distract and annoy me. And I can get seizures. Does anyone have a few favorite static or almost static profiles?
  17. CUE should have a lighting option called "Screen Sampler" or something like that. What it would do is look at the colors on your whole screen, or quadrants, or edges, and translate that to your RGB lights. This would create an ambient, reactive, and immersive experience. I believe Cooler Master is releasing similar software called MasterPlus+ soon. This is what the famous Lightpack does and what the new Logitech G560 speakers do. Also, possibly the Nanoleafs. Also, the lesser known Ambivision, Ambiscreen, and DreamScreen. A Lightpack 2 is supposed to be coming soon. And Asus is supposed to be releasing something similar called the Asus ROG Terminal. I think Corsair should also release a "back of monitor" Lightpack style device that works with gaming PC's and modern consoles. Ideally, it would work with USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort and be able to connect multiple devices at once. The problem with the Lightpack is that it only works over USB with PC's. And a problem with other competing products is that they only work with HDMI while many if not most PC gamers use DisplayPort cables.
  18. I recently built a new AMD based gaming PC and decided to go with a somewhat compact Corsair Air 540 case since I trust Corsair's quality. I'm pretty happy with how the case looks and its features though I wish it had more dust filters and a front HDMI passthrough for VR systems. Maybe on the next revision... However, I'm having a problem with the front panel audio. My motherboard is an Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme. My CPU is a Ryzen 7 1800X and my GPU is a XFX Vega 64 LC. For some reason I can't get the front panel audio to work. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong if anything. It's causing me to plug my Sennheiser and SteelSeries headsets into the rear audio ports which I'm afraid may not be providing the best audio quality for my headsets as the front ports would. Some Asus motherboards tell you to use the front panel audio for headsets because those are specifically amplified in a way the rear ports aren't. It's also a bit harder to run my wires around to my chair from the back of the case. I'd really appreciate any help that can be given and would love to hear from a Corsair rep.
  19. There is one huge problem with the RGB market and that is extreme incompatibility. There are a couple new videos from gaming YouTube channels talking about it. Each gaming motherboard manufacturer has RGB lighting software. Some of them are better than others. There is Asus Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic, etc. Motherboard lighting software allows you to synchronize and control all the RGB products in your case, theoretically. The problem is that very few RGB case fans and other products are actually compatible with motherboard lighting software. This is a highly fractured market with no serious compatibility standards. This forces people to install and run multiple lighting programs from different manufacturers in a vain attempt to get them all to work together. It's nearly impossible and eats up too many CPU resources and man hours. I love the Thermaltake Riing Premium and Corsair ML140 RGB fans I have in my case. However, they don't work with my Asus Aura software. Thermaltake's new Riing Plus RGB fans and other Riing Plus products are compatible with motherboard lighting software, but I don't like how those products look. Most RGB products are way overdone, immature, and tacky looking in my opinion. Most have that goofy "teenage gamer" aesthetic. The best look is a classy and understated look I think. The Thermaltake Riing and Riing Premium fans are the best looking in the market in my view and I wish Corsair would release something just like them. The interesting part is the way Thermaltake made them compatible. They released a physical controller box called the TT Sync Controller for $25 which allows you to plug in their Riing Plus products into it and then plug the controller into the motherboard. This is a great idea and it's very affordable. I personally asked them to make all their future RGB products compatible with it and to update their old products for compatibility as well. I strongly think that Corsair should do the same thing. If all of Corsair's RGB products became fully compatible with motherboard lighting software that would be a huge selling point.
  20. The K68 "prefix" is also missing from this forum when you make a new thread.
  21. I saw the new Corsair K68 and K68 RGB keyboard recently. It caught my interest because I sometimes spill liquids on my desk and my house is very dusty. On the official page it claims "dust and spill resistance up to IP32". I looked into the IP ratings and discovered something interesting and also troubling. The first number in the IP rating refers to dust resistance whereas the second number refers to liquid resistance. Based on what I read the so called dust resistance of the K68 is actually only "Protected from tools and wires greater than 2.5 millimeters." And the liquid resistance is "Vertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect when the enclosure is tilted at an angle up to 15° from its normal position." or "Protected from water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical." Actual dust resistance doesn't start until level 5 and the K68 is only level 3. So while Corsair is advertising the K68 as dust resistant in reality it is not according to the definitions of the standard. And while it does have some level of liquid resistance it's not very strong. I think we need an explanation here from a Corsair rep and maybe for the advertising to be altered because it appears to be misleading. p.s. The K68 is missing from the new thread prefix options.
  22. I saw that the K68 is now available in RGB. So that means it uses CUE. However, the K68 RGB is not included on the download list for CUE on the website. What's the deal?
  23. I'm very interested in the Corsair One, but I'm disappointed it's not available with AMD parts. I'd really like to see one with a Ryzen 7 CPU and Vega GPU. I think Corsair should give its customers that choice. It's lame to only support Intel and Nvidia especially when they have been involved with a lot of anti-consumer practices in recent history. Not that AMD is guilt-free, but they arguably are much more consumer friendly and are undoubtedly the underdog in a market that's risking turning into a monopoly.
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