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Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega - RGB features not working


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Hi all,


First post after finishing my first build last night. I'm using the black Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega case and my RBG lights are not turning on, on both the front panel and the fans. Link to the case I ordered:




I did not add any additional fans, only the case fans and the Corsair H100i liquid cpu cooler are installed. Link to cpu cooler:




In iCUE, the software detects the SPEC-Omega as a device, as well as my Corsair Void headset but none of the lights on the case respond to any changes in settings. The cpu cooler is not detected by iCUE. I tried to read the manual but didn't gather much other than that the fans need to be hooked up sequentially in order for them to work?


Not knowing this, I plugged the liquid cooler into the motherboard when I installed it rather than the lighting node. Is this the reason why none of my RGB lights are working? I want to know if this is likely the cause because I will have to take the radiator out in order to unplug the cooler from the motherboard. Intuitively, I would think that the cpu cooler not being plugged in to the lighting node would just mean that the RGB lights in the cooler would be off. But I could also see how the "circuit" being broken by the cpu cooler could be the problem. I just want to know before I start unscrewing stuff...


If not, I have a replacement USB cord I can try to see if the USB cord to the lighting node is bad.


Can anyone describe how I need to have my fans plugged in to the motherboard/lighting node in order for them to function properly? It's hard to find tutorials on how to hook everything up correctly. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi cptkirk16,


As far as wiring up all of the fans I would check out this post to help walk you though that.




If everything is plugged in correctly, it might be that the LEDs on the fans and case are not configured in software. We have a video on how to do that in the with your case.





Hope this helped.

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Are both the cooler and the Lighting Node Pro plugged in to USB?


And are both the Lighting Node Pro and RGB Fan Hub plugged in to SATA power? The Node Pro will actually be detected but not work if it doesn't have SATA power connected to it. And the Lighting Node Pro, in particular, requires a full SATA connector, not a molex -> SATA adapter.

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Thank you guys! Opened it up and there were both of the SATA hookups... dangling there loosely and alone. I guess since because they were located in the drive bay I assumed those hookups were for hard drives, which I ignored because I only bought a SSD. Once those were plugged in the case lights came on, then I just had to enable the case fans within iCUE. All good now!


I appreciate the help.

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