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  1. Do you have the mic set to push to talk in warzone? If you have that set up or voice chat is disabled for some reason it might let you test it but not speak.
  2. Hey DrunknCanuck, This worked a lot back when those issues came around with the Void headsets. I hope this can work for you. Right Click on the Windows Audio indicator at the bottom of your taskbar. Click on Sound settings. Click on Sound Control Panel. Go to the Recordings tab. Double Click on the Void Microphone device. Go to the Advanced tab. And set the Quality to DVD. let me know if that works for you! -Corsair Mike
  3. Hi, Following up on what Greg said it is an error. We had a report from someone else about the same thing and we asked the team that controls that compatibility tool to take a look at it. The Rev.B block will work with your 2070 super.
  4. If it does it would be very little on AM4 Ryzen parts but if you are using it on Threadripper it is recommended to rotate it so the fins in the block cover more of the TR4/TRX40 heat spreader.
  5. It will most likely be okay to use normally. I would recommend checking your thermal paste spread after installing it to make sure it is making good contact with your CPU.
  6. Hi all, Moved this over to the general cooling section since this is about AIOs.
  7. Here are a few things to check. I install the "tach" Connector to the CPU header to avoid any CPU Fan errors so that shouldn't cause any problems. Double check the SATA power connector is connected. If it's not connected there wont be any LEDs lit up on the pump. You can also try to have the pump on its own sata power cable and see if that helps. Double check that you are using the correct standoffs for the socket. If the cooler isn't making good contact that can cause high temps. Double check the thumb screws are tight. Something to check in iCUE is if the liquid rises when the CPU gets warmer. You can find that temp to the right of the pump's image when you first click on the cooler. Hope that helps.
  8. Sorry for the delay, it sounds like cooler's pump LEDs might be bad. Your best bet would be trying for an RMA through support. Do you have a ticket number?
  9. Hi buddah723, Do you have the previous version of iCUE and does it show up in that version?
  10. When you wired up the coolers fans how did you connect up the RGB cables? From your pics and description of the issue it sounds like you have all 4 of the LL fans connected up to one RGB hub. To check that in software all you have to do is add more fans to the channel that your other fans are connected to. (The section in your attachment corsair1.JPG) Hope that helps!
  11. When that happens usually its just one of the fans. A good way to troubleshoot that is to move the first fan, sometimes the one before, that is "glitching out" to position 6 on the RGB fan hub. If that fixes it for the other fans then you know which one is bad. At that point you can either reach out to support to try for an RMA or replace the one bad fan. Hope that helps. Support.corsair.com
  12. Hi Pang101, If you still need help with this please PM me and I can get you a firmware file and instructions to try and recover the cooler from that bad frimware update.
  13. I would try a force update on the cooler in iCUE settings. This video can show how if you need it. [ame] [/ame] I would reach out to customer support if that doesn't fix it. support.corsair.com
  14. It depends on what features you are looking for in a cooler. The H115i Pro is going to be a quieter RGB Cooler with grey ML fans The H115i Platinum is higher performance so it'll be a bit louder but it comes with an addressable RGB pump head and ML RGB fans
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