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iCUE not detecting KB, some lights Remain on regredless of setting.


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Hello, sorry for the messy title, i'm sorta new to Corsair keyboards (coming from razar keyboards, no more eye-piercing green thankfully...)


i had a look around the forums here to see if my question had been answered, but it didn't appear so, but i did notice something 'bout a software - iCUE - downloaded it to see if it'd help, but it doesn't even detect my K55 kb, and i don't see any manual search/select - unless i'm completely blind, how do i get it to detect my kb?


another thing is the lights, i use a 'custom' set of backlights, but every time i turn it off for the night, and turn it back on in the morning, the custom lights just go off, they don't return to the colour set i had selected before,

and the other lights for showing caps lock & num pad are bugged, currently my num lock light is lit up, dispite the fact its actually off/not typing the numbers when pressed, the same goes for the caps lock, the light doesn't turn on regredless if the lock is on or off, is there a way to fix all this?


I'm sorry this has already been requested/questioned/answered elsewhere.




Solved the problem, delete this thread.

I'm dumb, just had to unplug & replug the keyboard, fixed both issues.

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