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Commander pro, 1000D Case {Bug}


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Ok, but why i cannont access it. Do we need to chain the commander or i can use another usb port on the motherboard


Try the following and see what the results are:

1) 1000D CoPro only Plugged into MB, does it show up?

2) Both CoPros plugged directy into MB

3) Flip current order of CoPros.


I know many people have 2 or 3 CoPros in their case. Though it is strange that two people both have the same issue. Maybe a bug, though hard to tell as I don't even own a CoPro.


Can't say. You've not provided system details (click "Edit System Specs") or any information about how it's connected.


Cool, I was wondering why there was a 1000D profile in iCue. I saw it there before it was officially announced and before reviewers could say anything.

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You should be able to daisy chain the 1000D Commander PRO and "regular" Commander PRO, they'd simply show up as separate tiles in iCUE, it's important to note that the 1000D Commander PRO will report as a 1000D in iCUE and have a picture of the case in the tile instead. Other Commander PRO devices will appear normally in iCUE.
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