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Hi everyone, first post here :newbie:


New build for 2017, featuring;


- Corsair's super satisfying Dominator Platinum Special Edition RAM in chrome.

- Asus Strix 1080Ti (yet to take out the box)

- 7700K, cooled with a H115i

- Obsidian 450D

- Strix Z270E

- Samsung 850 PRO (soon to be replaced with a Samsung M.2)


Being a photographer, hopefully I can update this over time with some satisfying images!






I will update as I go. The photos show 2 of 4 sticks, this was just to see aesthetics and matching tones (hence why the plastic is still on them ;) )


- cheers!

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Some more Dominator beauty shots. Such great design.






This RAM is surprisingly weighty compared to any other RAM I've used.




4 sticks on an Asus Strix 270E board.

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So, build day finally came. Took a while to get the 7700K due to all sorts of crazy reasons...! but here it is. Please enjoy :)




(the most satisfying thing in the world..)






This is close to the original colour scheme I had planned, it was going to be a subtle purple but decided magenta and white works better. I plan on adding white LEDs to add a better overall glow and to show off those Dominators ;)




Please ignore that horrible 24 pin (cable change imminent...)









- I plan to change my PSU to a fully modular one, still rocking a non modular one which is a huge hassle for clean cable work (and that 24 pin looks rather horrendous)


- Add white LEDs for the case. Debating whether to change out the fans for white Maglev fans...

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