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Macro/shortcut help


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Hi all.


I have been having a bit of trouble with setting up a macro for changing the playback device.


Windows 8.1


I use a USB headset as well as 2.5 mm speakers. In order to use one or the other, I have to make it the default playback device.


I currently have G13 set to open a batch file that runs the command:


Start mmsys.cpl


This opens the playback tab under the sound settings (see attached), I would then select the playback device I wanted and close the window.


This has been fine for a while, but I am getting even lazier and want to be able to use two macros. One for setting the head set as the default (G13), and another for the speakers (G14).


This is where I have issue. There doesn't seem to be an option to start another macro/do anything (aside from repeat the action and lighting) after the key press.


Anyone have any ideas?


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