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K95 toggle lighting effect frustration


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Hi all! I am trying to achieve something that I feel should be fairly simple, and it doesn't matter what guides I read, I just can't find the answer.


I have a profile/mode where I have set a key with a custom lighting effect. That works fine. I would that that key to change to a different lighting effect when the key is pressed, and back again when it's pressed again. The closest I can get, is to start a lighting effect on keystroke, but the lighting effect only runs through once and does not repeat the new lighting effect, as I'd like it to.


The keyboard has already proved it can change it's lighting permanently on keystroke, as the lock key goes from red to blue and back when it's pressed, I just don't want solid lighting, I want to apply a toggle for a second lighting effect on keystroke that will override the one that comes with the mode.


Can anyone help?

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