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Paying duties/taxes on RMA product??


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Can somebody from Corsair explain this to me? because my questions thus far have been ignored other then a clear copy and paste answer on my support ticket and I am far from impressed right now.


I live in canada and I have to RMa a defective h100i I have pay for this, and I have paid taxes on this product when I initially bought it, and paid to ship it to you guys so I can get a functioning product and now UPS and telling me im going to have to pay duty/taxes on something I have already paid taxes on before?


Literally everyone I have spoken to online and that I know in person has said this is absurd when they have dealt with RMAs from your company (I have in the past too with a PSU) and duty/taxes were never a factor, hell I didnt pay a dime to get my replacement $600 video card from EVGA, so why am I paying duty on this?


My support ticket states


" customers are required to pay shipping and handling charges, as well as any applicable tariffs, duties, taxes and fees necessary to convey the defective item back to Corsair for replacement or exchange." Which I have already done so and I can show you the receipt. it continues with...


"Corsair pays for the replaced item’s outbound shipping to you."

Fantastic, so why is UPS informing me that I have am going to be charged yet again.


Ticket number is 6740996

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Yes, customers are required to pay taxes, etc, HOWEVER, there shouldn't be taxes, etc on an RMA replacement to Canada.


I've asked someone to look at your ticket.


Any idea when it will be looked at? it should be here tomorrow and id rather it get taken care of before I try and receive the thing so I dont have to argue with UPS about it...

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