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  1. I know there was in the past but couldnt find anything major with a google. fwiw im on a k70 Mk2.
  2. Or are places just sold out currently? Any risk of the blue switches going away? iirc you only offered the k70 in blues for a few months and then it was only reds and browns.
  3. I currently have a tramp stamp k70 with mx blues. I got it at launch and sadly my A key has gotten into the habit of repeat activation, so im thinking of replacing it. What changes are there with the Lux/V2 that I should be aware of if I got the k70 route again. I haven't kept up with what corsairs board upgrades have been. Also is there any way to get the board with the PBT keycaps by default? I want em but I can't lie I don't wanna spend more money on top of what I am already spending if this can be avoided.
  4. That was it... would have been super nice if it said that somewhere on the software. Anyways thank you very much
  5. Contact Corsair support and ask for a firmware reset. I had the same issue for months and they helped me fix it, it takes but a couple minutes.
  6. I have had a k70 rgb since launch, I know this was a thing with the launch of cue... and it was SUPER simple, why can I no longer do this?? After ever windows launch it resets to "default" which is all black. I am using firmware 2.05 and cue 2.21.67
  7. Changing USB ports doesn't seem to be helping, I haven't looked at drivers but I will be floored if there has been an update since this is a reasonably old system. I should also add that I have own the k70 rgb since new. this is the 1st time its given issues like this, so im thinking its not my system to be honest.
  8. Been having this isue since 2.05 was a thing. I try to update it it says its failed and to force the update, and when I close that box im greeted to cue saying it cant find my keyboard.
  9. Dunno why but plasma looks extremely dull and faded on my keyboard...not at all like the video.
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