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PSU Warranty Canada


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EDIT: Corsair support has been good, they said they should've taken care off all the fees from the get go and since I've already paid they're working on getting approval to wire me back what I paid. RMA to Canada should cost nothing, will update when it's all done.


Update 2: From when ticket was started it took under a month for everything to get processed and I have most of the amount I paid back (minus bank fees) so i'm happy with the service I got with Corsair after the shipping mishap.


Just a FYI guys, it may not be worth it to Warranty a PSU from Canada.


I just had a AX850 die, went thru warranty, approved right away no hassle, very good to deal with. I'm getting a Ax860i so I was happy, the 850 lasted 4.5 years into the 7 years.


Since I need a replacement for my main computer asap, I went for express RMA.


Shipping PSU back was $30 cdn

Receiving replacement PSU from UPS.. $100 cdn, $60 brokerage and $40 tax since it was declared at full value plus some (it costs $235cdn new here and declared as $320).


Anyways if you're psu isn't as expensive it may totally not be worth it to warranty. I'll keep this in mind for future corsair purchases. I had RMA'd with other companies out of the us before and never had to pay brokerage / taxes on a replacement unit.


So I basically ended up paying $130 for a new PSU which is better than shelling out $250+.. however I could've just picked up a new evga 650w plat for $100 and saved the hassle.

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Update: Just received wire transfer notice today from bank(money went in a week ago), they were quick in dealing with the issue and I got most of my money back (because my bank charged $15usd to receive the wire).


Overall I'm happy with how things unfolded.

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