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VOID SE cant reconnect after going out of range


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Hello guys, having some issues here with my VOID SE since the last few software updates.


Steps to reproduce the error:


  • Listen to some music, use Skype or whatever
  • Go out of the transmitter range
  • Go back within range


When i received my VOID, without any updates, the headphone would automatically reconnect when going inside the range back again, thing is I have some certain spots at my place where i lose connection, and it was just going back inside the transmitters range to reconnect as if nothing has ever happened.


Problem is, since a couple of updates (dont know how many there were and when the problem started, maybe two or three updates since I got them [30/11/2015 in Belgium]), when i go outside the range, i lose connection, the headset never reconnects back and there i receive that tray message on windows saying "USB Device not recognized".


After that i have to unplug and plug the transmitter back again in a DIFFERENT usb port, otherwise it just wont work


This feature is really important for me because I have to move in and out of the range all the time, thus the reason i got a cordless headset (right?)


Is it possible to keep the driver/software under an older version or am I missing something?


tl;dr: VOID SE would reconnect when going in and out of the transmitter's range with original software/drivers, after a couple of updates it doesn't and the usb transmitter stops working. Only on windows


PS.: How do i know that this isn't firmware related ? Because when i do the same thing under linux (Ubuntu 15.10), it keeps working normally.

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