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Very high temperatures with H80i cooling


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I always had hot temperatures on this PC.

But lately I noticed that I have very very hot temperatures. Only surfing on the internet gave me 90+ temperatures! (I use the latest version of open hardware monitor and CorsairLink.)


So I decided to replace the thermal compound with new one (Artic Silver 5).

I also used some washers on the back plate to make sure the H80i is touching my processor. (Still I'm not sure the H80i is touching the processor, so maybe I'll put another extra four washers on the back plate.)


The temperatures are not much better. Like 75 °C when I surf the internet with the H80i on Performance Mode. When I game it is 100°C with the H80i on Performance Mode. Still the game (unreal tournament 4) played fluently.


Some extra information:

How can I be sure that the pump is working? Because I don't see my pump in CorsairLink 3.2.5742. I know it did get the pump data a long time ago when I did build this PC. In the BIOS I also did not found anything about it.

And why does CorsairLink show the H80i temp in 'w' and not in '°C'?

I can change the colors of the H80i led with CorsairLink, but it are not the same colors as in the program.


Corsair H80i Device Information

Version 1.1.3

Channel: 1

Connected fans: 2 of 4

Available LED channels: 1

Detected temp sensors: 1



What can I do to get better temperatures?


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There may be some additional software issues, but for the moment... when you first cold boot your computer, do you have instant 75C+ CPU temperatures? Or does is start out low and slowly build up to that level? You may want to exit LINK to check this and use something else (HWinfo, HWMonitor, AIDA64, anything). I am not sure LINK's information is reliable if you can still game at 100C on the cores.
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The slowly building heat that stays at high level is usually indicative of a failed pump or a blockage somewhere in the system.


When it as the 75C+, are the hoses warm to hot?


Is the radiator cool to touch? Or warm?


The air coming out the back of the H80i - warm or cool?

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Hi C-Attack,




I touched the components when I opened the case.

The hoses and the radiator are pretty cool.

The outside of the pump feels also not so warm.

Not much air coming out of the back. (Only from PSU.)



Are my fans placed correctly?



Thanks for helping me!

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