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H80i v1: CPU Overheating?

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I need some help regarding my Corsair h80i.


I bought it along with my i7 4770k in June of 2014, and it has mostly served me well. But recently, I've been having serious overheating issues with my CPU hitting 100˚C on the regular. As of the last couple of days, Corsair Link has told me it's hovering around 99-100˚C.


Today, I've done all that I can to try and fix it. I've opened the case and basically expelled out all the dust, including the dust in the H80i's radiator, I cleaned as much as I could. But it still shows me the same temps. But when I opened up the case to check, the top of the pump doesn't feel hot at all, just barely lukewarm.


I've a picture of CL's home tab, showing the current temps. The pump seems to be working, and everything's at full speed, but the CPU is still at 100. Is there anything I can do?


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You are basically at full stop - zero flow. This most likely is from a blockage and this is the end fate for most AIOs where you cannot perform internal maintenance.


You need to replace it as soon as possible. In this state the cooler is not capable of getting heat to the radiator. The coolant (H80i Temp) will continue to heat around the CPU. It is the equivalent of leaving the tea kettle on a low burner. It gets warmer and warmer and does not cool down. Coolant temp is the minimum possible CPU temp, so puts you in an impossible situation. 7 years is a pretty long time for an AIO. Time to look for a new one.

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