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K70 - severe wear of black finish


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I have purchased a K70 keyboard in June. Although that's only three months ago, the black finish on the spacebar keycap is already severely worn. This current wear predominantly occurred while typing, because, due to a lot of good weather this summer, I didn't spent a lot of time on playing games. However the keycap of the enter key does not show this wear although it is used quite a lot as well.






Normally I wouldn't be the first to complain. But I can't deny the fact that this amount of wear, in such a short time, does look rather ugly on a top-notch gaming keyboard. I guess it would be nice if there were replacement keycaps to replace the one that's worn so heavy. But I noticed that they aren't kept in storage. So I'm not sure what to do right now. I hope there is still a solution, because it's a very nice keyboard and I did become quite fond of using it.

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