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Can't enable Wireless Passthru


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Hi all,


I just upgraded my VoyagerAir Model# CMFAIR-BLK-1000-EU firmware to version 2.0.17, then to version 2.1.2 using the information contained in the doc files in the zips, then I reset the drive to my own values (drive name, password, etc).


Now I'm trying to enable the Wireless Passthru and it doesn't work. It worked before, when I were using the drive with the old firmware version. I used the wireless passthru many times without any problem (except when the wifi signal from the AP was weak).


I tried to enable it from my iPad using the VoyagerAir application version 2.0.0, from my iPad using Safari by opening, and from my PC computer using Firefox by opening (the following pictures are screenshots from my PC computer).


Additional information, may be useful: firmware revision c8da704, application revision c829213 - Data shown at the bottom of the settings page.


Here's what I'm doing:


Step 1: from the settings, I click on "Enable" in front of "Wireless passthru":



Step 2: the list of the wifi networks appear. Notice that the wifi name is shown as "Wifi Les C__tes" instead of the correct name: "Wifi Les Côtes". I think it doesn't matter, as it also appears garbagged on my PC Computer:



Step 3: I enter the password of the network. The right password, checked twice, and I click on "Connect":



Step 4: a warning message tells me that I may have to reconnect. Click "Ok". If connection lost (occured one time), I reconnect:



Step 5: if no reconnection was needed, I get back to the network selection page, without any check mark... On the iPad, a message tells me that the wireless passthru is active:



Step 6: back to the settings page, wireless passthru is show as disabled, and it's inactive, I've no connection to the internet:



I tested many times, with the correct password or with a wrong password, with or without power off-power on, Wifi off-wifi on. It simply doesn't work at all. Wireless passthru CANNOT be enabled.


As I suppose you wouldn't have released a version unable to connect to any wifi access point, I'm wondering what I can do now to make this to work as before.



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I can't change the SSID, because it's not my own wifi, it's a wireless network in an hotel... I'll be able to investigate as soon as I return home, but this doesn't fix my current issue.


I'll may be able to check out using another wifi if I find another one around my location, but currently there's no Access Point that I can reach.



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Yes, it works perfectly. I can connect to the hotel wifi from my laptop, iPad and iPhone:


Computer, iPad, iPhone -------Fine----------> Hotel wifi

Computer, iPad, iPhone -------Fine----------> VoyagerAir

VoyagerAir ----------- X -------------------> Hotel wifi

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Hmm ... the only possible thing I can think of is that the hotel wireless network is operating on a wireless channel that the Voyager Air does not support. (There are country-specific differences in wireless networks).


If you had an Android device I'd suggest using a tool like "WiFi Analyzer" to look at the wireless channel(s).

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I've no android device... And the laptop, the iPhone and the iPad can connect. I don't checked out the wireless passthru with version 2.0.17 as I upgraded from the original firmware to 2.0.17, then immediately after to 2.1.2 to be able to connect to the drive using the iDevice app.


Well, I just performed an interesting test. A little bit complex...


Part one


1. I enable the "Personal Hotspot" feature of my iPhone, named "iPhone", with a password.


2. On my iPad, I connect to the "VoyagerAir" wifi network.


3. using the VoyagerAir app, I set the "Wireless Passthru" to "iPhone" with my password.


(blue=wifi network, red=device):


iPad ---VoyagerAir---> VoyagerAir device ---iPhone---> iPhone device ---Wifi Les Côtes---> The internet


And it works. I can browse the internet on the iPad, and my iPhone shows that one device is connected through the Personal Hotspot.



Part two


1. I disconnect the "Wireless passthru" on the VoyagerAir.


2. I disable the "Personal Hotspot" on the iPhone.


3. I rename my iPhone as "IPhône".


4. I enable the "Personal Hotspot" on the iPhone.


5. I reconnect the iPad to the VoyagerAir and using the iDevice App, I try to set the "Wireless Passthru" to connect to "iPh__ne" (as the ô character isn't recognized).


Unable to connect the VoyagerAir, It doesn't connect to my iPhone, which displays that no connection has been established. On my iPad, I can't browse the internet.



Part three to six


I repeated this two tests three times. Each time my iPhone was named "iPhone", the connection was successful. Each time my iPhone was named "iPhône", the connection failed.


I think the issue depends on the characters used to name the SSID. If this one contains only ASCII 32-126, the connection can be established. If the SSID contains ASCII 128-255 and/or Unicode and/or UTF-8 characters, the connection fails.


It seems that this appears only with Apple devices, as I know that the wifi Access Point in the hotel is an Apple device. I see the wifi name garbagged on my PC computer, garbagged on the VoyagerAir, and correctly on my iPhone/iPad: the "ô" character is replaced by two symbols on my PC, and by "__" on the VoyagerAir. I think you may investigate.


From my point of view, this issue can be easily fixed. I disconnect/reconnect to the hotel wifi or to the VoyagerAir depending on what I want to do. Not very comfortable, but it can be done.



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