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  1. The issue (as it turns out) is an Apple one - iOS 8 has broken this capability for everyone: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6585780 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25975084/playing-itunes-purchased-movies-using-safari-drm-protected-content-ios http://support.airstash.com/entries/55924774-Known-Issues-with-iOS-8-and-or-iPhone-6-6-
  2. The latest CUE release re enables saving profiles to the device, btw.
  3. Actually, there is firmware 1.13 that you should install.
  4. Can you tell if the switch is just clicking once? (Making sure the issue isn't a mechanical one)
  5. The scroll wheel sound issues indicate a mechanical problem - I'd recommend contacting support for a replacement. The wheel should not be clicking. We are tracking down the M65 RGB lighting issues. If you are having this issue - when running CUE you are not getting any lighting on the mouse - please post system details here. Make sure you are running FW 1.13 and SW 1.1.56.
  6. What I want is a utility that uses rules to automatically populate the field for me - I use Tag & Rename, and it's decent.
  7. Great idea - thanks. Are there utilities that will populate the tag ("Sort Name" in iTunes, I believe)?
  8. The only current way to initialize the clock on the Voyager Air & Voyager Air 2 drives is to connect to the internet - using Wireless Passthru or Ethernet Passthru. Once the drive is connected to the internet, the internal clock will be synchronized and the date/time stamp when creating/copying files on the drive should be correct.
  9. The server (and Paragon file system) doesn't support exFAT. I am frankly surprised that it is working at all for you. You need to choose either NTFS or HFS+ for USB use. The specific file system you choose doesn't matter for wireless or ethernet connections.
  10. The drive should NOT be formatted as exFAT. The Voyager Air server will support NTFS (the default) or HFS+, but not exFAT.
  11. And you are trying to copy the file "VoyagerAir (2.0.0).apk" to the same folder and it won't let you? Very strange - I've got multiple Kindle Fire HD tablets and I've side-loaded the app on all of them. Have you tried copying it to a different location? (As long as you remember where it is, you'll be fine). Did you change the Setting to allow installing apps? (Step 3 above)
  12. - What version of the Kindle do you own? - Have you tried copying a different file, and/or saving to a different location on the Kindle?
  13. Yes, I suggest you contact our Customer Support group and arrange for a replacement.
  14. Please clarify what you mean by "still no Wi-Fi". If your iPad is able to connect to the "VoyagerAir" wireless network, there is definitely Wi-Fi on the drive. The question is why you are then unable to communicate with the server on the drive - either using the app or a web browser. It makes little sense. You have a gen 1 drive, right? Have you tried using the ethernet connection? You could also use a third-party SAMBA-compatible utility (like FileBrowser) to access the drive from your iPad.
  15. Either one will work for the drive server. It runs Linux and uses a universal file system (from Paragon) that is compatible with both NTFS and HFS+. If the MacBook is your primary PC, you will probably want to reformat to HFS+ -- Macs typically don't like NTFS very much (it used to be that writing to an NTFS drive from a Mac required a third-party driver - I'm not sure if the latest rev of OS X has changed that or not).
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