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Cannot run SSD Toolbox

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Every time I try to run the SSD Toolbox I get a Blue Screen of Death. I tried to run it in Safe mode and the PC simply locked up and froze.


According to the properties on CCSDT.exe it's version My PC is running Windows 7 64 with 4GB RAM. The SSD (which is my boot drive) is a Corsair Neutron.


Several months ago windows indicated I had a drive error and I ran the toolbox (successfully) and there was a raw read error. But then the problem disappeared and didn't return.


Lately the PC has been acting "odd". I.e. it freezes randomly where everything stops. And then it recovers. I would like to check the drive again to see if any other errors have occurred but I can't run the toolbox.


Is there any other way I can test this drive? Or a different version of the toolbox I can try?


At one point (maybe a month ago), I ran the toolbox (successfully) and it indicated there was a firmware update available however I was unable to install it. I got an error saying it could do it. I've never been able to run the toolbox since then.


I don't know what to try next. Thanks.

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