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NEW Corsair GS came with 5.40 firmware


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Hi to all,

I have previously 3 Corsair 128GB SSD from GS serie. Three of them were 5.24. The fourth one came with 5.40!


How can I backup my NEW firmware and flash it to other 3 with 5.24 firmware?


I will put the new firmware to forum, if I can wrap it out! :laughing:


They all are connected to Rocket Raid 2710 controller now.


Read speed 1,6GB and Write speed 1,0GB according to the latest Sisoft Sandra...

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They are exacly and completely the same! I have checked two version of the drives by opening them...


I have also checked every little part on the pcm. Bit by bit, all components are the same...


Chips by Toshiba etc. Corsair_FieldUpdater_v1.36 did not accept 27586 to flash on the newer firmware. Put a red X to drive and halted the process!


My new one's signature is: 142-142-29404

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Also, if you are not experiencing issues, there really is no reason to update the firmware. It's not going to change anything unless specifically stated in the release notes.


Goes back to the old saying, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."


Stinks that you voided the warranty by checking it out, but at least they are solid drives and probably won't die for a very long time! :P

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I never stop opening all my electronic stuff, I am a Radio TV & Film graduate, I don't only look to them outside!


I have found little differences inside the firmware. Solid Sate Doctor (SSD Utility Suite) informs for 5.40 firmware that, Temperature 31 C (Min 24 C, Max 31C) If temperature rises from 31 C to 32 C, than Solid State Doctor says: 32 C (Min 24 C, Max 32 C)


But for 3 other drive info, having 5.24 firmware says: Temperature 31C (Min 127 C, Max -127 C) all the time.


Max temperature -127 C, How strange?


Probably such mistakes corrected at the 5.40 firmware!

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I currently have limited time, but it has performance gain at write speed. More than 50, lesser than 100gb.


I will install Windows 7 and see hard disc points what Windows will tell.


It is "NOT" only a NAND update, Mr. Moses!



If I can not find a solution, I will order an Eprom programmer, wrap out the bios chip, copy the contents, and force to write it over the earlier version!


But do not hope so soon, I will have a holiday, if still people don't have it, "at that time". I have no economical difficulties, so I can buy new ones, but not from Corsair this time. Samsung released new 850 Pro serie...


Corsair fell behind Samsung, GS serie have a Windows 8 trimm issue. I will also test trimm at Windows 8 with the new one! It will tell.....

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