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If you press on this banner: http://i.gyazo.com/d05b2f1b98d7b88e6059b204556a4974.png

You go to the main site. But maybe can the admins make it that you go to the forum. Why? Now you need to press on this.http://i.gyazo.com/eb12a6b8ac5262757e83da340ac02145.png And thats not really good for newbies like me.

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You are already on the forum when reading that banner. Why would you have the banner send you to where you already are?


Because that is how the vast majority of forums out there operate. People click the banner when they want to go to the main forum page to look at other threads in different sub-forums.


Install a link to the main site on the navbar and set the banner to go to the forumhome. That is the standard.

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I would suggest configuring the header to solve the problem. Clickable Image on each end - left side to the forumhome and right side to the Main home.


or... Just add a HOME button on the navbar.


When I create a forum, I generally have specific navigation that solves this kind of issue. For here I would suggest the folling Nav links on the Navbar.


  • Home
  • Forum
  • Support Ticket System
  • Community
  • Edit System Specs - (this could actually be tucked into the USERCP)
  • UserCP (members only)
  • Today's Posts
  • New Posts (Members Only)
  • Search

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