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Default HS70 Headset Battery Issues

So I'm now on my 2nd HS70 headset, both of which have had serious battery issues pretty quickly. The first stopped accepting a charge within a few months, but my current headset lasted the better part of a year before its issues popped up.

So here I was, opening iCUE one day because I was hearing "Charging Battery" *constantly*... Literally every 30 seconds or so. Since opening iCUE to see if maybe I could find a way to get my headset to stop this (I'm a literal noob to the software, rarely have it open) my headset won't hold a charge... at all. Literally from 50% to powering off within seconds. 9 times out of 10 it won't go above 6%, and essentially I now have a very fragile headset, which is disappointing because I went with Corsair based on a friend's suggestion when I first wanted a wireless headset.

I've loved both of my headsets when they've worked, but to have two debilitating battery issues in a row is pretty frustrating and discouraging. Is there ANYTHING I can do?
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