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  1. I think it is just the typical white noise that is common on wireless headsets because I have the same "issue" on my virtuoso and hs80.
  2. I don't get it, why would a switch on top to change the connection type be better than somewhere on the bottom? Do you really need to change the connection type on the fly? It would take some space which is totally unnecessary. I hope it stays like it is now.
  3. Are you guys using the USB-C charging cable that came with the HS80? Because not all USB-C cables fit the USB-C port on the HS80, not even my Virtuoso charging cable does. Only use the cable that came with the Headset if you haven't done already.
  4. all updated to the newest versions I tested it out but sounds same to me
  5. Yes, this happens to me as well because atmos is only able to output 24 bit 48kHz I think.
  6. These are already possibly the best earcups I can think of but a nice alternative would be some thick leather earcups for a different soundstage. I would also love to see some Virtuoso earcup replacements made of the same material used by the HS80 earcups.
  7. hmm weird, I also get 4-6 % but none of my friends said that my mic was too quiet probably because teamspeak is auto adjusting the volume. lets hope that corsair is able to make the mic a little louder with firmware updates.
  8. Might be a problem with your PC. I don't have any problems with my HS80 mic and haven't read anything about this issue anywhere else.
  9. Have you already updated the firmware for the HS80's in iCUE ?
  10. Scheint wohl normales Rauschen zu sein, was bei Wireless Headsets üblich ist. Trotzdem danke für die Hilfe!
  11. All in all, I can highly recommend this headset to everyone. Sound is top notch for wireless and the comfort is amazing!
  12. Thank you, I appreciate it. But I can live with that. I mean the mic quality is really good and just noticed a little bit of hiss and thought maybe it could be lowered a little bit with future updates, but if not I'm still fine with it. I mean, it is still the best wireless headset mic with the one from virtuoso. The hiss also got better now.
  13. The headset is pretty solid but the mic hisses a lot. Is it possible to reduce the hiss with future firmware or software updates?
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