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  1. Give Equalizer APO a try. I edited the config file and changed it to +10dB and fixed my mic.
  2. One other thing I noticed is that if you do the microphone test within discord, you can audibly hear the microphone talk-back for the test get louder and louder as you talk, as if it is automatically adjusting the gain. This would be fine if it did this everywhere else and not just there. It doesn't auto adjust while actively talking in discord or TeamSpeak. There is definitely something going on software wise. Whether it's driver conflicts, software conflicts or an issue with the latest version of Windows, I don't know. I work in IT and I've been building computers for 21 years. I know when something is hardware related or software related. My question is why haven't any youtubers experienced this when they normally have all of the software suites installed to test different products? Kinda odd but glad to know someone else reproduced my issue and hopefully that APO software I suggested works for them as well.
  3. It's not a problem with my PC. The Razer Blackshark V2 pro and Cordair Virtusos SE worked perfectly. The HS80 is brand spanking new and has only been on the market a small amount of time compared to the others mentioned. It could be a conflict in software. I don't know. That's what the Corsair devs get paid to figure out and not their paying customer that has to use 3rd party software to fix a problem they haven't figured out yet. Btw there are multiple other instances of people talking about mic issues for multiple Corsaie headsets. The forum is littered with them. LTT forum Hardforum, anandtech forum, Toms hardware etc has threads where people have quiet mic issues with Corsair headsets.
  4. I don't believe this to be a warranty issue. This is a software issue. For some reason, even when set to max volume, the microphone level is being set to -6dB. That is not at all a hardware problem that can be remedied via warranty as this is my 2nd headset exhibiting the exact same symptoms. Except this time, I figured out a solution and, more or less, isolated the problem.
  5. So even the new headset had this same exact issue. Updated firmware for the dongle and headset. Rebooted computer and the mic volume is still really low. Downloaded software called EqualizerAPO. Open the config file for it and the microphone volume is set to -6dB. -6!!!!! That is below zero and no wonder the microphone is extremely quiet. Corsair you need to fix this because this is an obvious software or driver bug that I had to fix using third party software. I had to set the config file to +10dB for the microphone volume to be normal and for me to be heard on Teamspeak, Discord, and inside VoIP channels inside games like Counterstrike and Battlefield. Hopefully you will fix this in an update soon. Hopefully others find this useful and can fix their audio issues with this as well. It does work for output as well as input volume levels.
  6. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037566611-How-to-Reset-an-HS70-Wireless-Gaming-Headset Google is your friend.
  7. The volume wheel on the headset adjusts the main system volume. You can use the sound mixer to adjust application volume levels separately.
  8. If the dongle is flashing red then that means the headset is not connected to the dongle. Sounds like the battery is the issue if it's powering off in wireless mode or after unplugging it.
  9. Sounds like you updated your headset with the wrong firmware and ruined the headset. If it's still under warranty then you might need to take advantage of that otherwise you just bricked your headset.
  10. You need to install the Dolby Atmos software to have access to the extra audio features other than stereo.
  11. I ordered another one though Bestbuy and it gets here tomorrow. Hopefully this time the microphone works 100% and not 20%.
  12. Apparently you didn't read the first post. Yes. I updated the firmware. There was an update for iCue and 2 firmware updates for the HS80. Did both. I even called tech support and spent about 40 minutes troubleshooting the headset and even they deemed the mic faulty. Might order another one or wait for them to be in stock at bestbuy.
  13. Corsair. Give me the option to enable or disable auto gain control inside of iCue. Give me the option of microphone boost ALONG with manual microphone adjustment. This headset audio sounds amazing so far with music, shows and youtube. I have not tested the audio in game yet but so far I am sure it will sound as good as music and shows. Please Corsair. You are better than this. Fix this soon or I will be going back to using my Razer Blackshark V2 Pro's and returning this headset.
  14. Well Corsair I am about to return this headset because the mic is too freaking quiet. This is extremely annoying. It should not be auto adjusting on its own. If I set the volume to 100 freaking percent then it should operate at 100 freaking percent. Fix this now.
  15. I feel differently. I can't stand how much friction there is on Corsair's braided cables. I don't know if I'm overly sensitive to it or not but I can't stand the way it feels for the mouse to have any kind of resistance when I'm trying to move it. My Logitech G604 glides across my mouse pad like the pad is made of ice and it feel wonderful to use. I just want more buttons! >:)
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