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  1. No response yet here. I didn't contact them via other channels. Even if I did, highly doubt anything will be done about this.
  2. I used/tried several wireless headphones and these are first ones where I hear this sound. Maybe I didn't notice on others, but is quite hard to miss.
  3. I recently bought HS80 headphones, but they seem to have extremely annoying problem with buzzing in left ear cup. It is a constant, high pitched sound which can only be heard when device is in wireless mode. When connected with USB cable, the sound cannot be heard at all. Because of this, I think it might be some kind of software issue because headphones obviously have ability to not produce that annoying sound. I already tried every possible solution I could find online, but no luck. Those include: -Reinstalling Icue -Reinstalling firmware -Enabling/disabling sidetone -Removing and reinstalling audio drivers from windows -Soft resetting the headphones -Using different USB slot for wireless adapter Any other things I could try? I am completely disappointed with these, because they are not so cheap and problem like this one is not expected...
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