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  1. Hi! Thanks for the reply, my concern to this was already resolved yesterday:
  2. Hi! I was planning to get an LS100 1.4M RGB strip and I was wondering if the lighting node pro can power this long + (3) 450MM RGB strips plugged in a single LED channel alone? or I can plug the 1.4M strip on another LED channel of the same lighting node pro? Here's what it looks like:
  3. Hi, does it still work or the issue came back?
  4. Hi, thank you for the response. It's a K60 btw and I just created a ticket 2004288368.
  5. I recently bought this keyboard last Saturday and this morning, the space bar started registering 3-4 key presses in only a single hit. I already tried hard-resetting the keyboard, plugging into a different port in my PC and restarting my PC as a whole with no luck. Anyone else having the same problem? What are the chances of this getting fixed without having to go through the hassle of sending it back for RMA?
  6. Hi, I know this is an old thread but just wanted to share how I fixed mine. I managed to update my K60 and Katar Pro Wireless by signing into the other Windows profile I last updated iCUE from and it was probably conflicting with other profiles I had that fails whenever I try to update.
  7. Hey Kevin, I hope you guys are also releasing the light enhancement kits based on the new Vengeance RGB PRO SL
  8. Hey guys, you still haven't fixed a proper hardware lighting of iCUE for LL series fans since August last year...
  9. Hi, are you sure the LL120 fans that came with your H100i aio doesn't have the PWM and RGB pin connectors? I believe it's supposed to have them because they require to be plugged into the female PWM and RGB connectors that is coming from the pump which will be connected through the USB header and that way you'll be able to control the RGB and RPM of both fans and pump.
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