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  1. was that recently changed? either way, ill try what you said. thank you
  2. I dont know with which update this began with but for past couple of months ive had the issue of Icue not running the last used lighting profiles on startup. Which for me means i have to go in and manually select the lighting profile that i want which is also associated with set fan speeds. Could anyone recommend a version to downgrade to? im running windows 10 whats connected are the following K70 MK2 Keyboard, Fw v 3.24 M65 Mouse Fw v 3.37 mm800 pad Fw v 1.02.50 Commander pro Fw v 0.9.212 lighting node pro Fw v 0.10.4
  3. Hey Dev...when jumping pins 2&3 on a custom 4 pin adapter for the rgb fan hub, is the result in the next port just a simple replication of the previous?
  4. Another tip i realized especially when dealing with pre built lighting profiles, is to make sure the additional fan has the leds selected on the lighting channels. Sometimes newly added fans arent by default included in the profile
  5. So I'm doing this here, to add a strip of 16 leds (just like the LL120) and I'm adding a AsiaHorse RGB M.2 heatsink. The channel it's on already has 3 Ll120 fans. The strip works fine and on it's own in full as an additional fan in icue in port 4 as a Ll120. The asia horse seems to duplicate the last 5 leds of the strip. I don't know how many leds are in that unit. There are no light effects when adding a 5th fan. The strip is wired as you described where I'm jumping pin 2&3. Could you help me understand why that might be
  6. It's official. RGB Power supplies This the very day after I combine a Phanteks RGB halo with my power supply..
  7. i wanted to say thanks for this thread and some of the others. heres my finished product for now
  8. So second hand I picked up a ASROCK B365 motherboard. I was going to pick a couple sticks of xpg dr60 rbg ram, someone is selling for $50 also second hand Can the ASROCK RGB software run along side icue if I throw in some Corsair argb fans?
  9. how will icue treat segments or strips of less than 10 leds each?
  10. i purchased a commander pro a few days ago and i have had weird issues while not even being half as setup as some of the others yet. My build is Q170 chipset mobo - i5 6500 - 560 watt supermicro psu with 32 rgb vengeance ram and nothing yet plugged into the pro. Clean install of windows and icue. reading this thread makes me want to throw the whole idea of corsair away. even the ram which i have a few days left to return. ive gone thru two new pros now where i cant figure out whats either causing errors in icue or for it to stop being recognized.
  11. So this evening i decide to get my rgb strips where they need to be. mind you these are the same strips i tested yesterday (3rd party cheapos) that worked. I go to test the leads and this time so i can make the connectors, the clcp doesnt show up at all in iCue. I test the power source and its fine. i dont have another internal usb device to test those leads so i take the pro over to another machine i have and same results, no device appears in iCue. i reboot, and reset, and still... Im not sure whats killing the pro on my machine. anyway this might be in the logs of icue? how easy is it to short this thing? is there no surge protection? i wonder if i jumpered the pins while testing. there was no indication i did but i have to wonder. I could try replacing again at bestbuy but im sure they arent going to like it
  12. This was a clean win10 install. Only thing installed afterward was chrome and icue. i replaced the unit and the new one is working. Voltage readings, as unreliable as they actually be are back to whats expected of them. and i tested a strip of rgb and they work
  13. No, there aren't any other monitors.. I'll just go take it back to the store. It may be a dud
  14. Does anyone know what this means? The commander pro has nothing plugged into it. Just bought it and it seemed fine. But then in iCue, the device shows in red and only the settings can be accessed. See attached I updated the firmware, and during the last percentage of the update a new commander pro device appears. firmware update stays at 99% see 2nd image The voltage readings are way off now. They were correct after initial installation. If i test the voltage on the pins, they are outputting the correct voltage. Also notice the temp sensor readings are very low.
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