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  1. Thank you for the clarification! I will use both EPS connectors in my Z390 AORUS MASTER so as per your post, I should be fine. This issue (18 instead of 16 AWG wire) was presented as the weak point of the AX1000 in a couple of reviews (review 1 review 2) but your answer makes real sense! Thank you!
  2. Thank you very much for your immediate reply! To be honest, I was hoping for the EPS 12V cables of the PRO kit to be 16AWG as the Seasonic ones are, instead of 18AWG. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I have an AX1000 PSU and am strongly thinking to buy the pro kit of type 4 gen 4 cables. I was wondering if somebody knows the capacitors size/type used in the original AX1000 cables so that I compare these to the ones found in the kit. Also is there any info about the wires size AWG used in the type 4 gen 4? AX1000 is based on the Seasonic platform and as per some reviews, it’s very good performance is partially due to the in cable capacitors it has. So I would not like to ruin even slightly the really good performance of this PSU for a more “basic” cable kit that does not have the standards of the original PSUs cables, IF that’s the case. Looking forward to your replies...
  4. Thank you for your answer... just a minor but important clarification if you don’t mind... By the phrase “any single connector” I suppose you refer to each of the four connectors of my sata cable (AX1000 PSU) and not to the 6 pin connector at the end of the sata cable that is connected to the PSU, which in my case has 32w = 6.4A on the 5v rail total load (from all connectors). This config is ok if I understood well, correct? Again, thanks a lot for the whole support!
  5. Well, I thought that the concept of the commander PRO for each Lighting channel was to control and not to power the RGB lights. Through your post, I understand that in this specific case, commander pro Lighting Channel 1, not only controls but also powers the logo and front IO lights of the obsidian 1000d, while it can also "control" an additional RGB FAN LED HUB in Lighting Channel 1 . Is my understanding correct?
  6. Hello guys, I hope you are all well and healthy! I would appreciate your opinion on the following matter... My setup has 13LL120-140s, 1 H115i rob platinum (with 2ML fans) and 3 rgb hubs and 2 commander pros. Having gone through Zottys diagrams, devbikers guides, lists of mAh per led per fan etc I came to the following conclusions... 1. Each LL120 draws max 3.6w from 12v rail plus max 3.2w for its led lights from the 5v rail, total max 6.8w per fan 2. H115I rgb platinum draws 5w both ml fans from 12v rail plus 2w for both ML RGB lights from 5v rail plus 6w for the pump from the 12v rail plus 3.2w for the pump lights from the 5v rail, total of 17w. Questions: 1. Are my calculations correct about the max wattage drawn per fan and especially for the H115I RGB PLATINUM? 2. I use 2 sata cables (4 connectors each) to power all that stuff from my Corsair AX1000 PSU! Each Corsair sata cable is 18awg and the distribution (assuming my calculations are correct) is the following: Sata cable #1: 2 RGB HUBS, 1 COMMANDER PRO and 55w total draw (26w on 5v line and 29w at 12v line) Sata cable #2: 1 rgb hub, 1 commander pro, h115i rgb platinum power and 51w total draw (32w on 5v line and 18w on 12v line) So, should I split these loads to more sata cables than 2 or I am well within the specs (whatever these specs are... I think 10A per for each 18awg wire but not sure!)??? Thanks a lot for your time and overall assistance through your posts!
  7. Thank you! Initially I will try to extract air through the AIO rad, BUT the difference will be that I will put the rad at the 2 FORWARD slots of the upper tray instead of the 2 AFT slots. That way, I hope that the rad will ingest directly cold air entering from the nearby frontal 8x LL120fans.
  8. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! I am about to install the H115i on the top tray in push pull config and did not know if I should put the AIO ML fans on top of the radiator or the LL140. Since my case will be placed on the floor and as per your picture the top fans are reaaaaallly visible, I will use the 2x LL140 fans on top so that the result in combination with the single LL140 fan of the top tray to be harmonious. LL LL LL (Top of the case) — Rad — ML ML ————>Front of the case (I want the intake of the AIO to be as far to the front as possible - colder air) Of course, the aft top LL140 fan will be partially covered by the radiator, but this is the best solution I could find to avoid as much as possible ingestion of hot air which is pushed towards the back/top back of the case. I hope all these make sense :)
  9. @JonC Would it be possible to send us a top down picture of your case with top fans lights on? Thank you!
  10. Excellent idea and very beautiful build! Still, there is only one item to be concerned about and that is the limitation of the outflow. If somebody has 8 fans to push air into the case and 5 fans to pull air from the case, then there is positive pressure inside the case pushing air outwards and... sealing the upper tray may restrict the overall outflow. Of course if the pulling flow is greater, things are the opposite and probably that’s why u got these fantastic results. Just some thoughts :)
  11. Hello again! I am working slowly on my build and even though I have all the parts to create as many extension rgb cables as I would like, there is a chance I am going to need...ZERO RGB fans extensions... :( (will let you know as I progress). The reason of this post is another question... I have the z390 Aorus master MB and was wondering about the middle preinstalled standoff that is protruding and serves as alignment tool. I cannot find anywhere a “cap” to utilize and secure the mb over that middle standoff. Should I just replace it with a standard standoff or there is somewhere a securing cap I could use? Thanks again for everything!!!
  12. Just received all required items but apparently I miscalculated 2 things on which I would appreciate your opinion... The Cat5e cable I bought does not include 8x twisted strand cables but 8x single “solid” 24awg conductor cables. Would that be ok? Also, which cable stripper would you recommend for these very thin 24awg cables. I had one cable stripper certified for 0.5mm but completely cuts/destroys the cable. Thank you!!!
  13. Perfect, thanks for the reply! I will use it as exhaust, hoping there will be no temp impact...
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