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  1. Unfortunate. There really is nothing you can do. They had access to a multitude of logs in the original post and yet, nothing was used or fixed. It's very clear that it is the Corsair Service being the issue, as restarting that also solved my issue and the flatlines became normal again; for myself as well as you and many other users. But this "fix" was only temporary and the issue would reoccur at random. My advice is to refund everything you can and stop supporting the company. How this isn't bigger news is beyond me, especially due to the length of time this issue has been occurring for.
  2. Hello t0niX, I stumbled across this post after looking up some information regarding Corsairs issues surrounding their coolers and the flatlining issue as I am soon to upgrade my PC, so I was seeing if Corsair has resolved this joke. Unfortunately, this has been an issue since 2018... and has persisted since for many users. Please see this forum post: I think I get involved at around page 7 of 20... The thread was eventually locked as after 2-3 years of the issue being prevalent they did not fix the issue. @Corsair Nick Did lock the thread and you can read the final comment here: As far as I am aware, the issue has not yet been resolved. I did try posting to Reddit and Corsair Support tickets to which I am met with silence or repeating fixes that have already been attempted with other Corsair staff. The issue is frustrating and at this point, laughable. My advice would be too other RMA/return your cooler for anything else, or use Corsair LINK to ensure stability of your system as the cooler will not adjust the fan speeds based on the temps. I ended up sitting at 80c, not realizing my cooler wasn't working until thermal throttling kicked in and my FPS tanked. Good luck buddy.
  3. This is just a repeat of the previous thread. No input from Corsair. Ignored completely and this issue is swept under the carpet. Nice customer service. Remember how I said in my previous comment how we felt ignored, well here we are.
  4. Can you give any information into the progress from the last thread that started in 2018 up to now? Have you managed to recreate this at Corsair using legacy devices? Do you know why LINK works over iCue? I'd be happy to help test things on my end, however, it may take time as I don't want to use iCue in its current state so I will have to remove LINK and reinstall iCue to help. Which isn't a problem if we can get to a solution together. I appreciate the increase of presence in this thread Greybeard, the last on had a lack of input from the Corsair team and a lot of users including myself felt ignored.
  5. I'm back on LINK. That at least works consistantly. Full avoiding Corsair as of now.
  6. Such a shame, it was doing really well and then I checked it after playing Tropico 6. Frozen graphs. Logs are attached. Frozen.zip
  7. So, after a little more research; I've found that applying both Corsair services to a automatic delayed start and removing iCue from auto start-up and manually starting the iCue application. It seems to fix the problem. Can anyone else test this?
  8. So I restarted iCue, and literally watched the graphs flatline. I attempted to change the fan curve from the fixed 100% (which the fans didn't respond too) and the freeze happened immediately. This is the fastest I've seen iCue freeze up like this. Flatline after video & restart.zip
  9. So because the original thread was closed I decided to give iCue another shot after roughly, eight months. I am on software version 3.33.246. Of course, flatlines again. I haven't even booted a game whilst I was using iCue after a fresh install. I kept too Youtube whilst I monited iCue using a custom fan curve. Once this has locked up, I cannot change the fan speed at all, I have tried to use the fixed setting at 100% and the fans do nothing. The entire service of iCue needs a restart to make the vans respond too both my inputs and the temperature inputs of the H80i V2. I have attached my logs to this comment. Looking through them, the most intresting is "lla-2020-10-03T22-21-32_1.log" as it shows fails of connections: "2020-10-03T22:27:39 W cue.llaccess.server: dramWriteByte failed "Dram [0:5c]" cmd: 37 data: 66". No idea what this is actually saying, but a comment from @Corsair would be wonderful. Thanks. I don't think what I said was relevent to the freezing of iCue so disregard it, the problem is still persistant though. Flat line 04.10.2020 0102.zip
  10. Hello mate, welcome to the **** show. We have all attempted to get a representative involved such as LTT or JTC however, all of our attempts are met with complete silence. Know idea why. If you have any other ideas, by all means, we'd all love to hear them. At this point, we are all pretty disheartened.
  11. Buggy iCue is the culprit. I do not have a Corsair commander. This has been known for some time.
  12. Salut, gars, Il est regrettable que vous rencontriez le même problème. Au mieux, CUE + LINK est la meilleure étape que nous ayons pour le moment. La plupart des utilisateurs rencontrant ce problème font la même chose que vous. Je doute fortement que ce problème soit résolu de sitôt et il semble que la meilleure façon est d'utiliser un Corsair Commander et que cela résout les problèmes avec iCUE. Je dirais que c'est la raison pour laquelle de nombreuses personnes plus importantes telles que Linus Tech Tips ne parlent pas de ce problème, car elles n'utilisent pas les configurations de base comme nous. Ne faites pas de mal à votre entreprise à cause d'une mauvaise expérience, autant que cela me grogne de le dire, Corsair fabrique toujours de bons produits. C’est leur service client qui est médiocre. Excusez mon pauvre français.
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