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Found 3 results

  1. Dear community, Dear @c-attack, @DevBiker, @Corsair Nick, @Corsair Albert, @Greybeard, I'm super frustrated which makes me try different approaches to finally get rid of my issue with iCUE and my Elite Capellix. The issue appears almost every time I use my PC. I'm in contact with Corsair regarding this issue since July 2021 without any fix. Let me make it clear from the start: I love Corsair products and I love iCUE and all its possibilities. From my point of view Corsair provides the best ecosystem (hardware/software) for RGB. This is what made me choose Corsair and made me pay premium. This post has no intention to insult and is purely based on personal experiences, research and facts. My system Hardware ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (WI-FI) (newest BIOS: 2004) Intel Core i7-9700K 2x Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB (newest Firmware 1.04.28) Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition (newest BIOS: Corsair iCUE H115i ELITE CAPELLIX (newest Firmware 2.6.201) 6x Corsair ML140 RGB-PWM (8-LED Fan Series) be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1200W Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 LP (newest Firmware 3.24) Corsair Glaive RGB Pro (newest Firmware 3.31) Software Windows 11 (clean install) iCUE version (clean install): 4.18.209 (newest release) Nvidia driver (clean install): 497.29 (newest driver) HWiNFO: 7.16-4650 (newest release) CorsairLink and Asetek support disabled MSI-Afterburner: (newest release) Sidenotes There's no other RGB-software installed besides iCUE It happens with and without HWiNFO and/or MSI-Afterburner being installed/running Settings in iCUE Each components RGB is adjusted based on temperatures Elite Capellix (pump): Based on CPU package temperature Elite Capellix (2 of 6 fans): Based on coolant temperature Elite Capellix (4 of 6 fans): Based on GPU temperature Nvidia RTX 3080 Founders Edition: Based on GPU temperature Dominator Platinum: Based on DIMM temperature Cooling is based on coolant temperature and GPU temperature Pump: Quiet (default cooling preset) 2 of 6 fans: Balanced (default cooling preset based on coolant temperature) 4 of 6 fans: Custom cooling preset based on GPU temperature The issue While gaming (I believe it didn't happen in idle before) some/all of the sensor readings (coolant temperature and/or fan speeds) of my Elite Capellix randomly get stuck/flatline As a result my PC overheats due to fan speeds won't adjust due to faulty sensor readings RGB is still working What I/we have tried in order to sort out the issue Software Clean installed Windows 10/11 Enabled/disabled fast boot Enabled/disabled USB power saving Clean installed multiple versions of iCUE Enabled/disabled plugins Enabled/disabled software/game integrations Uninstalled HWiNFO Uninstalled MSI-Afterburner Hardware Exchanged Commander Core Exchanged Elite Capellix Installed a powered USB hub (NZXT internal USB Hub [Gen 3]) Reset BIOS Enabled/disabled fast boot Enabled/disabled c-states Enabled/disabled legacy USB support Enabled/disabled USB XHCI Hand-off Debug-Logs As follows you can find some excerpts of debug logs from iCUE CUELogs/2022-01-02T17-28-34.log (...) 2022-01-02 17:28:38.011 I cue.devices: "Get temperature measurements status failed. Device Commander CORE" 2022-01-02 17:28:38.011 I cue.devices: Open file with id bragiprotocol::FileId(TemperatureMeasurementsStatus) failed. File already opened. 2022-01-02 17:28:38.012 I cue.devices: "Get coolers actual RPMs failed. Device Commander CORE" 2022-01-02 17:28:38.012 I cue.devices: Open file with id bragiprotocol::FileId(CoolersActualRPMs) failed. File already opened. 2022-01-02 17:28:38.016 W cue.dev.bragi.feature.channeled_sensors_controller: Failed to get channel id for sensor 2022-01-02 17:28:38.017 W cue.dev.bragi.feature.channeled_sensors_controller: Failed to get channel id for sensor 2022-01-02 17:28:38.017 W cue.dev.bragi.feature.channeled_sensors_controller: Failed to get channel id for sensor 2022-01-02 17:28:38.017 W cue.dev.bragi.feature.channeled_sensors_controller: Failed to get channel id for sensor 2022-01-02 17:28:38.944 I cue.devices: "Get coolers actual RPMs failed. Device Commander CORE" 2022-01-02 17:28:38.944 I cue.devices: Open file with id bragiprotocol::FileId(CoolersActualRPMs) failed. File already opened. (...) corsair_cue_20220102_16_12_03.csv (sensor logs) Timestamp,(...),"H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Coolant Temp","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Fan #6 (Bottom)","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Fan #5 (Front Bottom)","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Fan #4 (Front Top)","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Fan #3 (Top Middle)","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Fan #2 (Top Back)","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Fan #1 (Back)","H115i ELITE CAPELLIX Pump" (...) 2/1/2022 17:25:08,(...),35.20°C,1555RPM,1621RPM,1154RPM,1107RPM,1621RPM,1560RPM,2292RPM 2/1/2022 17:25:13,(...),35.20°C,1532RPM,1578RPM,1155RPM,1109RPM,1579RPM,1513RPM,2288RPM 2/1/2022 17:25:18,(...),35.20°C,1479RPM,1521RPM,1155RPM,1111RPM,1532RPM,1463RPM,2284RPM 2/1/2022 17:25:23,(...),35.20°C,1479RPM,1521RPM,1155RPM,1111RPM,1532RPM,1463RPM,2284RPM 2/1/2022 17:25:28,(...),35.20°C,1479RPM,1521RPM,1155RPM,1111RPM,1532RPM,1463RPM,2284RPM Until rebooting/restarting iCUE the logs continue with the exact same values: Sensor readings got stuck/flatlined What fixes the issue (temporarily) Reboot the system Restart iCUE What concerns me a lot is that there are lots of people/topics describing the same issue since around 2018 without any fixes eversince. Corsair went silent in most of the topics without providing any more support which makes me think if the issue might be a hardware flaw/general incompatibility. As of now I'm still believing the root cause is a software/driver issue. Here are a few examples, I could provide much more links from this forum, reddit etc.: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/150528-icue-stuck-temp-reading-bug/ https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/157530-icue-stuck-on-wrong-temps/ https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/143403-new-icue-quotfreezesquot-and-requires-constant-corsairservice-restart/ https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/163810-hydro-series-cooler-propro-xtplatinumelite-icue-detection-issues-megathread/ I am very frustrated with my products not working as supposed, not being able to identify the root cause and not being able to fix it with Corsairs help. This completely kills the fun I'm supposed to have with my PC. All my efforts (reseach, support tickets, replacing hardware etc.) already took lots (days!) of my personal time I am providing debug information and logs to Corsairs support for months now without being asked a single question or feedback from their end Corsairs replies were always very generic and high level which gives me the feeling that my problem is not being taken seriously I offered Corsair my help to identify the root cause and to provide more information in order to get the issue sorted together with their experts but I didn't get the impression that my information are being looked into by the right people There have to be low level debugging possibilities to identify the root cause of the issue. And overheating systems due to faulty cooling are a serious issue for cooling solutions. This is my final approach, I'm tired of being quiet about this. Any further help is appreciated. Thank you and kind regards Tobias
  2. Started up my computer today and my temp sensor for my CPU stopped working. Noticed it when my nexus wasn't updating CPU temp, after some investigating the sensor is not showing up in iCue at all. Coincidentally my motherboard is also no longer showing up in iCue. Both of these things were present and working last night. HWInfo/Ryzen Master/Core Temp all show the CPU temp sensor if I open them up (I normally don't run them except for specific instances and then shut them down after). Nothing has changed on my system from last night when it was working at shutdown to this morning when I started my system. I have tried doing a repair of iCue, I have tried doing a reinstall of iCue. I have made sure Synapse is not running and does not run at startup. There isn't any reason I can think of why the CPU sensor would just vanish. iCue currently shows the sensor for Commander Pro, 3090, and Vengeance Pro but that's it.
  3. Hey, everybody. I'm having an issue with iCue and my h80i v2. It flatlines multiple times a day, sometimes minutes after restarting the service (occasionally I get the error message that the restart failed too). The odd thing is it doesn't happen when I'm gaming. Usually just online or watching videos and even idle. I have CoreTemp running in the taskbar at startup, but I've had them running together for a while and the issue is a recent (about a month ago) thing. I've checked the cooler for issues, unplugged the cables, and switched them to different headers. I also put the service and .exe on delayed auto-start and disabled SDK)The cooler never has temp issues, not even when I ran a stress test (Aida 64=30mins). This is my second h80i v2, the first had to be RMA'd. Any help would be appreciated. I don't have RGB lights or anything else that iCue is monitoring other than two case fans (one intake=front and exhaust=top). Could it be my custom profile isn't enough? I'll attach a pic of it and of my dashboard average temps. It gets pretty hot in my room (it's winter here and heat is on), but even then (or when gaming) the CPU temps never go above 50. I think I set the custom profile correctly but I could be wrong. Stay healthy
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