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  1. Static lighting still not saving to my K70 RBG Lux since launch of iCUE4 pog, works with 3
  2. K70 LUX RBG not saving static colours to memory? Swear this breaks almost every update. (iCUE 3.38.61 works) Background processes still running when the software isn't running either yikes
  3. Stopping the services works, thanks. Still able to change lighting without starting those services so not going to turn those on again. Why do we have to do this/downgrade Corsair if iCUE isn't running?
  4. Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately that doesn't do anything, probably since the application isn't running, just these background processes.
  5. Problem is in title; iCUE background processes/services (4 of them) keep the Nvidia dgpu active instead of letting Optimus switch to the Intel igpu, iCUE is disabled in startup so it shouldn't be running. Any advice to keep those services from running when the program isn't running? I have to either uninstall the software to keep the graphics switching behaviour working, or close those 4 processes multiple times (they restart a couple of times for some reason:mad:) every time when starting Windows. Behaviour is the same with multiple different versions of iCUE. Thanks. *Edit* 4 services, not 3.
  6. The iCUE tray area icon is almost always red with an exclamation mark on reboot with either or both my keyboard or mouse not being recognised without having to unplug and replug a few times :/
  7. There's a CUE forum section, this is for iCUE.
  8. They should be under Mouse Buttons not Key Functions
  9. Hi, I've been trying to make my K70 RGB Lux and Scimitar RGB lighting turn off when the computer is locked. Deleting all Lighting Effects for the K70 results in no lighting but doing the same for the Scimitar RGB doesn't have any effect on the previously saved lighting scheme. You need to make a Static Colour with RGB(0,0,0) values instead. This seems like a bug since it always worked for the Keyboard, any thoughts? Is having the RGB values at 0 the same as no lighting effect hardware wise(current, voltage etc)? Thanks
  10. Question in title :D: Just wondering if anything is planned with the advent of Slipstream
  11. Lighting profile is saving to my K70 RGB and Scimitar RGB again and other devices that had issues from the v3.10.x software. Surprised it wasn't an important enough fix to mention in the patch notes.
  12. Same, K70 RGB LUX and Scimitar non pro. Hopefully the next update fixes it, was keen to see if the firmware fixes the K70 Winlock key led colour not saving to the kb memory. The 3.0x firmware fixed it months ago before it was pulled due to bugs and re released ~same time as 3.10.
  13. iCUE v3.10.125 does not seem to save static lighting to my K70 Lux RGB keyboard and Scimitar non Pro mouse. The only key that seems to save is the brightness cycling button. Tried reflashing the firmware to both, no change.
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