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  1. If some of your keys are typing random strings of letters the fix below worked for me. 1 - Uninstall the Corsair CUE software and any other previous Corsair software installations. (Located in Control Panel > Programs and Features) 2 - Hold the windows key and press "R" to open the windows run command 3 - Type in %APPDATA% and press enter 4 - Delete the Corsair Folder (backup any settings or profiles if you wish by saving it somewhere else) 5 - Run a registry cleaning software such as CCleaner (Run registry scan and fix all issues, backup the registry if you like) 6 - Restart your system 7 - Install the Corsair software only for your specific hardware http://softwaredownloads.corsair.com/Files/Gaming-Keyboards/CorsairUtilityEngineSetup_2.7.78_release.msi
  2. The media keys, including the Mute button, on my keyboard are noticeably dimmer than the rest of the keys on the keyboard. The disparity between the backlighting has been like this since I bought the keyboard a month or two ago and I was wondering if this was by design? I searched the forums for this and came up empty. I have updated the keyboard's firmware to 3.08 through iCUE which didn't seem to make a difference, for the better or worse. The picture I've attached doesn't do a great job of showing the disparity in lighting, but it's what I have to work with for now. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  3. My k70 lux red keys(WASD shift) are fading away can someone tell me where can i find some replacements?
  4. I just bought Corsair keyboard about 10 days ago, and installed that iCUE software, it's pretty, but one thing i can't understand at all - why it is impossible to implement possibility of binding actions to the multiple keys? why only single binds? I saw many topics on this forum about this, but i never saw the answer, why it is impossible for such long time. Some topics about this was 2015, seems like developers give up on their own product.
  5. The middle keys are in capital letters and are repeated a lot and it happens constantly every time I connect the keyboard and I have no way to repair it, could you help me? (I'm typing this from my other keyboard)
  6. the middle keys don't work on my k70 keyboard I need help because I bought it 3 months ago and I don't want to buy another one (I'm writing this with my other old keyboard)
  7. First i'm not a well english writer. Then i have this issue : some key will display the default color that I put on the keyboard for some short milliseconds especially when I use the Rainbow Wave effect, it happens frequently, we talk about 3 to 8 times per minute. It also happens with other modes but it is more rare and with the Color Change effect some buttons will display a wrong color for a few seconds. I have already done a soft reset and I plug on 3.0 and 2.0 but nothing changes. By the way, I plug it on a laptop ROG G552VW I don't know if it can make some issues.
  8. So I've had a Corsair K70 LUX Red for about 3 years now, always been very happy with it. However about 2 days ago I left my computer in sleep mode for a few hours (which I never do) and ever since I rebooted after that, a number of keys have stopped working. Namely the F4, 4, R, F and C keys (using an on-screen keyboard for those atm). I've tried a soft-reset, rebooting my computer, using the keyboard in BIOS mode, plugging the USB out and in again, using the keyboard on a different computer, removing the keycaps and just using extra force but nothing works. I'm afraid there's just something wrong with the board since all the broken keys are in the same column more or less. Hopefully somebody has an idea of what else I can try, otherwise I'll have to buy a new one.
  9. hello, my K70 LUX keyboard seem to be dead. ramdom key are pressed and shift light twinkle. I never had problem before with 10$ keyboard ... now i have 140usd keyboard and it make me crazy ! Now i juste want hard reset firmware but i dont find the ISP file. any idea ? thk
  10. Another day, another issue with a corsair product; Bought K70 Lux, RGB wont light up at all, even after ICUE setup. ICUE detects the keyboard, and says it needs an update, however pressing the update button immediately produces an error "Failure to check for firmware update". I've tried plugging it in different USB ports, no positive results. Edit: I should probably add that 3 led indicators near the multimedia keys keep blinking. No idea what that means. Edit2: doing the soft reset as described here: solved the issue
  11. Hallo, ich möchte mir gerne zum Programmieren eine K70 LUX mit englischem Layout Kaufen, aber keiner der Händler die auf der Corsair Webseite angegeben sind hat sie im englischen Layout. Gibt es da irgendwelche Händler in Österreich, Deutschland oder der EU wo man die mit US Layout kaufen kann? mfg
  12. Hi guys, I have browsed the forums to see if anyone else has posted this same issue, but I have not seen it yet. So I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have the K70 LUX RGB keybaord, the M65 Pro RGB mouse, and the MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad that are being run with the iCue software. I run a small project studio where i do a lot of video editing and music production, and I have a multi-media PC built to handle it all. A quick rundown of my setup: Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard with AMD Threadripper 1950x, 32GB of ram, GTX 1080 11gb graphics card (MSI), Windows 10 Pro 64bit (v1803), with several SSD and HHDs for storage. My entire setup is listed here at PC Parts Picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/BqHhP6 About 2 weeks ago, my entire system started freezing at random times and becoming un-responsive. Ctrl+Delete wouldn't work, mouse pointer would freeze, ect. My system is mostly for production work, but I am also a casual gamer. These freezes have mostly happened while playing sessions of Rocket League. I thought it might be related to the game itself, but earlier this week I was in the middle of a music production session where my digital audio workstation program 'Reaper' froze up. I discovered months ago that the cue software (older versions before iCue came in) were locking up controllers I was using on Steam games. I found this out when I was browsing the Steam forums for a controller issue I was having. A user on their forums that said if you are running the Corsair Cue software, to unplug all Corsair USB devices running with cue and it would unlock/un-freeze Steam and fix the controller issue, which worked for me. Remembering that, I decided to see if the new iCue software was causing these hard lockups/freezes of my entire system. So the last 4 times that my system froze ( 3 times during gaming sessions, one time during music production work), I unplugged all 3 USB cables for the corsair mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad. A few seconds later, my system unlocked and became responsive again. I could then plug the Corsair items back in and everything would be back to normal. I called Corsair tech support and the tech I talked to told me to open a ticket (whcih i have done). He also said to un-install the Corsair iCue software, open the %appdata% folder and delete all the Corsair folders/files, run CCleaner registry cleaner, reboot, and then re-install the latest iCue software version off the website. I have done all fo this, and yesterday I had another freeze during a gaming session where unplugging all the Corsair USB items un-froze the system. I have updated my ticket to inform them that I am still having this issue, but has anyone else experienced this? I am running the latest BIOS for my motherboard, and all the latest drivers for the USB ports and chipsets. Any suggestions on this matter would be great! I have a good amount of money wrapped up in this keyboard/mouse setup and I would like to get rid of this issue. If my system freezes during a recording session with musicians, it could be crucial to a recording take. Thanks in advance for any feedback/help.
  13. I seem to be having a small and only occasional issue with my K70 LUX keyboard. I've become quite accustomed to adjusting the audio volume on my system via the scroll wheel on the keyboard. Usually this works fine except when it doesn't. Every once in a while spinning the wheel, in either direction, will cause programs to close. Even a quick turn will bring me to the point where Windows asks me if I want to shut the system down. A reboot fixes the problem but it does get annoying when I want to adjust volume while playing a game or working on something and getting booted out of the program before having the chance to save. Has anyone encountered similar issues or any idea what might be causing this?
  14. All of my media buttons work except for the two mentioned in the title. When I try to bind my media keys in my media player, those keys aren't detected when I press them. Restarting HID in the services applications does nothing nor does sliding the BIOS switch to any of the options. Help appreciated!
  15. My Corsair K70 Lux went dead after either the iCUE or the firmware update. Ok. Not exactly dead but non-functional nonetheless. It looks like it is typing since some things on my screen keep flickering back and forth. When I keep pressing a key, the lights on the whole keyboard go trough the whole brightness spectrum in one second and go dark again after. It locks up usb traffic and makes other usb devices disconnect and connect again. Even when I unplug the keyboard, the effects it caused linger. I need to reboot to get my system to work again. When I only connect the power usb port to a cellphone charger, all lights stay off. It never did that before. Task manager hangs when the keyboard is connected. I did a full Windows 10 factory reset and the keyboard seems fine until I connected wifi and the microsoft drivers were downloaded. When I did a factory reset but disabled automatic driver download it seemed to function properly for 10 minutes and then shows the same problems as above. I did a soft reset with the escape key and I did a hard reset with a pin in the hole under one of the legs. None of this changed anything. I love this keyboard and went through great lengths to get it to work again, only to fail. I would love to get some help with this. Thanks in advance, Yagu
  16. I really want to buy some custom keycaps for my K70 LUX RGB. Specifically for wasd and arrow keys but I don't really know where I could buy some. This is the style I would like most to find (black tops with translucent sides) but I'm not sure of layout, sizes or even how to get started on this sort of thing. Any help would be appreciated. http://d2fu7qgd3tdbcc.cloudfront.net/images/detailed/3/WHITE_TRANSLUCENT_SIDE_WALL_DEMO4.jpg?t=1511174014
  17. This has been happening right out of the box, barely 9 months old. Anytime I restart my pc, iCue loses/cannot detect the K70 Lux keyboard. The only way to solve the issue is to have to go into Add/remove programs and modify and repair iCue. Again, it only happens if the pc is restarted. Anyone else have this issue?
  18. Hello Corsair and friends, My K70 Lux non rgb keyboard keeps going into demo mode and needs reconnecting to get it out of it whenever I shut down or sleep my laptop and wake it up again. They keyboard is connected to a thunderbolt dock. I want this keyboard to just shut down like any other keyboard or at the very least shut down all its lighting. The keyboard is updated to the latest firmware and I run the latest iCue software. I tried to send profile to the keyboard with every light disabled and put that on the top of the profile list. I have tried the 10 second escape trick and that did not work either. I need some advice before I chuck this keyboard out my window. What am I missing here? Many thanks in advance, Yagu
  19. Hello, I have been using the K70 LUX and i started noticing key chattering after 2 weeks, it spread to multiple keys and i can't really explain it. I take really good care of my keyboard and never had any issues with other mechanical keyboards in the past. What i noticed is that there are keys which i barely ever use and have this issue, like the Insert key for example. It feels like this is firmware side issue but i really can't tell since i'm not an expert at these things. Is there a way to find what is causing the issue and fix it? I really don't want to have wasted 130 euros for nothing. thank you
  20. Is there a way I can find the Corsair K70 Lux's feet to purchase and or RMA, and or 3d print?
  21. Sorry for my English. Latest iCue update basically killed my keyboard. Firstly, iCue couldn't recognize it, and after reboot it's totally dead (although windows makes a sound when i plug it in/out) It's unresponsive and soft reset doesn't work either. Waiting for ticket support answer 04 aug/2018 keyboard CH-9101020-RU I hope that you will help me and give me the firmware file .bin Again sorry for the bad English
  22. My K70 Lux was working just fine, then I updated Windows 10 and rebooted the PC. As soon as the PC restarted I got a notification saying there was an update from iCue, so I installed it. After the update my keyboard behaves as if the Left Arrow is stuck and Windows Button is blocked, it only starts to behave normally if I disconnect the keyboard from the USB and reconnect it again. But as soon as I restart my PC, the keyboard starts to behave weird again. Please fix the iCue update
  23. This is a nice keyboard but I want to keep the key LEDs on all the time [vision isn't all that good and it would help a lot]. I can't figure out how to do it...any tips?
  24. Hello there! Just a minute ago my keyboard started to show random text and numbers when I press certain keys like ZERO = 1234567890-', DOT = bcmnvxz,.;\, etc/ I cant even use my ENTER key!! Please help!
  25. I have had my keyboard for 1 and a half years but a few days ago my keyboard has been acting up. I have looked up other guides to fix this problem but none of them are working and I haven't found Corsair's official solution to this issue. This issue appeared one day when I booted my machine to play some games p types 'iuyeopqrtw[' enter types ']\' down arrow hits all of them 0 types '7890-123456`' ; types 'ADFGHJKS'l;' . types 'xzBCMNV<>?|' Overview of the issue: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn8I73eFGHE[/ame] I've tried it with CUE on and with it off, I've flicked the top switch to every position, and I've tried to force a firmware update even though I'm up to date
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