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  1. I have given up, today i sold all my Corsair items and replaced with Logitech, will never touch Corsair again. No reply from Customer Support in 4 days either
  2. Its literally driving me mad and i can't get a response from support. Any game on my pc with cue software installed does 2 things.. it takes 5 mins+ for every game game to start and goes 'not responding' if any usb device is plugged in, notably Xbox One Controllers or the Void headset, it will crash my game. uninstall the software and all problems are fixed. Have formatted 3 x and installed things fresh, 1 at a time, the problem is not my end, i have tried every combination going. I have been having this problem for as long as i can remember, i have tried older versions of cue up to 3.17. I feel cheated that i have all this Corsair stuff and its unusable, and i'm stuck with it after the amount i paid for it all.
  3. So i formatted again, i installed just 2 games, i try them, they load instantly. I install nothing else but cue, they no longer load. I tried FIFA 20 on Origin and Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Rockstar launcher Have contacted support 3 days ago, no response, this is beyond the joke, i'm thinking about just selling all my Corsair gear.
  4. so i just tried 3.17.94 and its the same thing, games wont launch Does anyone know the numbers of the previous games?
  5. Hi mate i dont know the exact version because i thought it was a diff problem for ages, i'll start at version 17 and work my way down
  6. What is the best way to contact support from the UK because no matter what i post i never get a reply, i'm really frustrated with my Corsair products.
  7. So from 3.18 (first time i really noticed it) the CUE software is causing conflicts with my other USB devices, and CUE causes Steam to crash and go not responding, and my games will hang on launch, with it uninstalled the problems go away. I tried formatting twice and installing everything fresh and its the same thing every time. I have made threads and posts and not got any reply so far, i have seen others are getting the same problems also. So basically by process of a elimination i want to try old versions until i find one that stops these problems, but i can't find any old versions beyond 3.18, does anybody have any links? I think if i can't fix these issues i may sell all my Corsair stuff because its been a problem for a long time for me now.
  8. This version and the 3.18 that i used before it because 3.19 was unusable is causing all kinds of conflicts with other USB devices on my pc, notably with my XBox One controllers and also with it installed my games take forever to load and go not responding. Come on i have waited so long for my devices to work properly, its time to fix this software or start dishing out mass refunds so we can use other brands!
  9. Hi i'm having trouble with the cue software conflicting with my XBOX One controllers, the problem does not happen if the software is uninstalled completely, basically every time i start a game, the game will go not responding and i have to wait for 5 minutes for it to start, it also crashes my steam launcher. Also if i turn my controller on or plug it in whilst in game, it will crash the game, the problem also happens if i plug in my Corsair Void wireless headset. This has been a persistent problem now for about a year, i tried formatting and installing everything fresh and now i'm seriously considering selling off my Corsair equipment and replacing with Logitech or Razer. I have googled endlessly, i have found a few other posts of people complaining about the issue but no fix anywhere dating back 2 years. I'm running the latest cue and all my drivers are up to date. MY PC is.. Windows 10 x64 i7-6700k 2080ti 16gb ddr 4 Corsair items K70 Rapidfire (which i don't really like anyway because the keys are to quick for general use) Dark Core mouse Void Pro Wireless the RGB mousmat the rgb headset holder other stuff Logitech G560 RGB Speakers Acer Predator X34a monitor 2 x Wireless XBox One controllers (black original type with the official wireless adapter) The problem seems the worst with Steam and Steam games, but also happens on Origin, it crashed me out of a online game of FIFA earlier. I noticed also with Cue installed my PC takes about 5 minutes to shut down, with it uninstalled, all the problems listed go away plus my PC shuts down instantly. Also with Cue installed Steam takes 5 minutes to load on PC launch, with it uninstalled its instant. The Cue software also takes about 3-5 minutes to start working when i launch my PC, i can tell when it does because the lights come on, on my keyboard. All controller problems are gone with it uninstalled. But without Cue i can't use any of my devices properly, none of my RGB stuff lights up except for my mouse and mouse mat and my headset holder is flashing on and off every few minutes. The previous cue software made my fps go crazy in games, i'm seriously getting sick of this! Please just make it so we are not forced to use Cue software anymore, i believe after a year of the same thing causing conflicts and problems when i'm gaming Corsair should just refund me for all my products, the keyboard cost me £200, the mousemat was £50, mouse was £85, headset holder was £50, headset was £100, its all junk and does not work correctly. Excuse the spelling mistakes and edits, i can't see my bloody keys because i can't use the software!
  10. My K70 used to allow it but it doesn't work anymore, its a shame because of the constant problems and conflicts with cue software i want it gone, its winding me up so much that i'm thinking about selling all my corsair stuff up and trying a diff brand.
  11. I think its linked to this https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=177551&page=3
  12. I'm having this exact problem, it also causes my games to have a white not responding semi crash on launch, especially steam games, i usually have to wait 3-4 minutes for my games to start when my headset is plugged in, if they are unplugged and i plug them in whilst in game it will crash my game or leave it not responding for about 10 minutes.
  13. Yeah go back to 3.18, i'm getting FPS problems again and cpu spikes with 3.20
  14. Same thing for me pretty much, i thought it was either the Windows 10 1903 update or the latest Nvidia drivers, it wasn't until i did a couple of formats and did a process of elimination thing that i figured out it was iCue.
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