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Corsair Support Failure!!!!! Graphite 600T Fan Controller


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APRIL 12, 2013 I submitted an RMA for their god-awful fan controller. They sent me a label, I placed it on the box and mailed. They received it. Then..........NOTHING!


No emails.

No phone calls.

No answering phone calls.

No chat help.



8 months waiting for their pitiful support to throw a poorly designed fan controlling pcb into a padded envelope and mail it to me so I can 'maybe' have the fans work for another 6 months.


Seriously, is their tech support this piss poor!?


Please tell me that my circumstance is 1 in a million that this happens......

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After sitting on the phone for an inordinate amount of time I finally got someone, they 'ensured' me a new controller card will be here in 2 days. Still, 8 months is absurd and unacceptable seeing as though they acknowledged receipt of the bad part. While corsair does not deserve any generosity, I'll give it until Friday, before I go through this again.
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