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I submitted a RMA ticket for a faulty H100i on 9/16, but did not get any response.


I guess I also submitted another ticket for tech support (#6116360). Also no response.


So, basically my CPU temperature has gone up to 83C with the cooling unit installed. But I tried another CPU Fan with heatsink, and the temperature is lower.


I have contacted Corsair via phone, the customer support told me I have to submit RMA through the website, and no one answered my call from the technical support team.


Any help here would be appreciated. :D:


Thanks a lot!

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Sorry for being a bit impatient, I know you guys have a heavy volume of requests to deal with everyday.


I already submitted all the documents yesterday, just want to know how long would it take for me to get the RMA, and what is the next step after that.



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Usually total turn around time is 7-10 buisness days. Since you just uploaded your documents yesterday , it may be a couple of days. Usually it's faster for the initial RMA to be issuesd.


Once they acknowledge your reciept and issue an RMA number, the only thing left is to box it up and ship it off to the RMA hub they designate. That should be all you need to do.

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