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hi folks


I just have a quick question, I have a HX750w 80+ Silver PSU which I believe is the First Generation correct me if i am wrong.


I am just wondering if the sleeved cable kits for corsair psu's will work with the first generation of HX's as well as the 2nd generation as I am thinking of getting either a white set or blue set to go on my MSI board for when I decide to change my case from a antec 1200 to possibly a 650d Obsidian.


if anyone can advise then that be awesome.


thanks, Subzie

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Well this is the PSU that I have




and I am looking to get this set of cables




is this the correct one to go with my PSU or is it different, also do Corsair do a 24pin cable in blue to go with this.

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I'm just about positive that those will not work with the silver rated PSU's. Sorry I hope I'm wrong and will let someone from Corsair confirm this. As far as I know the compatibility matrix is what they have sleeved cables for. They are not offered for all PSU's. Just off the top of my head i think the silvers are made by a different OEM's and why the cables for the golds won't work on the silvers.


Since Corsair is closed on the weekends, it may be Monday or Tuesdays v before you get an official confirmation.

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