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Corsair Vengeance 1500 only sound in left cup


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I have used this headset for around 6 months now and I am quite please with it.


Until I reinstalled my laptop, now there is only sound in the left cup.

I think it is a driver issue as the headset was working fine before I reinstalled.


The software is also working, I think, it starts when i plugin the headset and here is no errors.


The buttons on the cable works, the blue background light turns on and changes to red when i press the mute button.


I tried moving the cable at all the connection points to see if there is a loose connection but the sound is fine in the left cup and the silence in the right cup is is constant.

I have been very careful with the headset and never dropped it and it have never left the house.


I can't find a solution anywhere.

Windows claims that the driver is working. So I just tried reinstalling windows again with no luck, the headset is still not working.


I know that other people have had problems with usb 3.0 ports, but that is all the laptop have and it was working perfectly before.


I am using the headset with a asus n76nz with windows 7.

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