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Basic Question: Which USB ports are the right ones?


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Please answer these two basic question:



Should I use my Corsair peripherals on USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports?

I currently have all but the mouse & keyboard connected to an internal USB 3.0 card, but I'm thinking about getting a Mini ITX mainboard next,

so I would have to switch to a USB hub because of the sheer number of ports needed.

The following items are the external part of my setup:

Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips; 2 Starter Kit + extensions

Corsair iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair MM700 RGB Extended

Corsair MM800C Polaris RGB

Corsair VOID PRO RGB wireless (Dolby 7.1) -white-

Elgato Stream Deck.



When I update my Mouse it always tells me to connect directly to the computer and not a HUB. I'm currently using it on a USB cable, but would love to use it with a short cable and/or the wireless dongle instead; which would fit perfectly into the USB port of either of my 2 mousepads.

Is there any reason I shouldn't / Is the connection directly to the computer only needed for updates?


Thanks for your time!

(PS: I know, I know... "That's a lot of lighting, Carys." :rolleyes:. Well, to quote Bachman-​Turner Overdrive: "You ain't seen nothing yet". That's just the stuff that needs USB PC ports :sunglasse.)

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1) Most of them are USB 2.0 devices so they can be used on USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports. You can use a USB hub for operating (and I would very strongly recommend that you get a powered USB hub) but I'd make sure that the keyboard and mouse are directly connected. You can use the mouse pad ports for the mouse but it does increase latency a little bit. But it does work (I have mine on the MM800 now).


2) This recommendation is because many hubs - especially unpowered ones - introduce latency issues that disrupts the firmware update process. It's not hard and fast - I have successfully updated firmware via a hub - but it is the one place where there are consistently issues - I've also failed updating firmware on a hub.

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