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Front USB 3.0 ports at the Corsair Carbide 275R don't work


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I have recently bought a Corsair Carbide 275R and succesfully installed all the components. The PC is working well except the two frontal USB 3.0 ports.


I have connected the cable that comes from the front panel to the corresponding connector at the motherboard. I have switched off the cable and switched it on again, and they don’t work. They are not even recognized by Windows 10. By the moment, I am working with the two USB 3.0 ports at the rear panel but I want the frontal ones to work properly because they are more manageable.


My motherboard is Memphis-S (HP/Compaq name) and its SSID is 2AF7.

Please, tell me if I can do another type of test or if there is a problem with this case and this motherboard.


If you need more information, let me know.


Thanks in advance.





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Thanks for the answer.


I have tested with USB 2.0 and 3.0 pendrives ant both don't work in any of the two USB 3.0 front panel ports.


I have disconnected the USB front panel cable from the motherboard and checked the USB devices detected by Windows Device Manager. I have connected the cable again and checked the same information: both outputs are the same. So the USB 3.0 front panel ports are not even detected by the operating system.


I have all the Windows updates installed and, as I commented in the problem description, the USB 3.0 ports from the motherboard work well. So, it's not a driver problem.


Could it be a cable problem?

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