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CX600 Cutting Out/Not Powering Off/Not Powering On


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I'm having quite a few issues at the moment with my 2 month old CX600 PSU. It occasionally loses power completely, at random intervals (it can happen almost immediately after turning on, or after a few hours).


When it does this, more likely than not I am unable to turn my PC on again without reconnecting cables, or sometimes the power will return for a split second, sometimes not at all.


I'm also having a newly developed issue, which I believe it caused by this, whereby when I shut down my PC, the PSU continues to remain powered on, meaning my fans, disc drive and such are still receiving power long after shutting down. This continues until I forcefully turn off power at the switch.


I'm no techie tbh, but I'm just wondering if maybe my PSU is not enough for my system (though I use NVIDIA GeForce 660 which says 450W is fine)? Also, when I removed the 24 pin cable as a means of trying to reboot, I noticed that one of the pins appeared to be missing, though I don't know if this is just a design.


Is there a fix for this issue? Do I need more W than 600? Do I need to request RMA?

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the missing pin is from a 5v ground no longer used.

what are the temps and fan speeds in the BIOS? the computer can shut down if it thinks the CPU fan is too slow or stopped spinning. there are a number of things to check but if you could please fill out this... http://forum.corsair.com/forums/profile.php?do=extra so we can assist you further.


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Hi, thanks for the speedy response! I've filled in what I know.


According to BIOS...

CPU Temp 40c/104F

M/B Temp 29c/84F

CPU Fan1 Speed 1989 RPM

CPU Fan2 Speed 0 RPM (Don't have a second)

Chassis Fan1 Speed 0 RPM

Chassis Fan2 Speed 1200 RPM

Power Fan Speed 1244 RPM


However, I actually keep my AsRock Tuner utility open now so I can monitor these stats myself, as it also displays Voltage, and I was trying to see if anything out of the extraordinary happens that may cause the random power offs. As it stands, the figures posted above are pretty constant ><


It seems other threads in this section experience similar problems of their PC randomly cutting out and losing power, and requiring cable disconnection and fiddling in order to get the PC to turn back on. Though I have the additional issue of when I shut down via windows, the PSU continues to power (optical drives, fans etc) post-shutdown. A common problem it seems? Is that I just need to replace the PSU?

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