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Broke h100i mounting post :(


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While trying to figure out why the back plate wouldn't sit tight, I guess I tightened down the mounting post too much and snapped one. Bummer


Any idea if I could find one of these on it's own? I have a Frys in town, I figure that might be the best bet. Frys also sells the h100 cooler, do they use the same mounting posts? I wouldn't mind buying a backup unit if they share the same hardware.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, it's the Intel post that I broke, the one with the same size of threads on top and bottom. Maybe I should try and track down an AMD guy that's not using the Intel parts :P

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Unfortunately FRY's wouldn't have them. You would have submit an RMA ticket and ask them for just the hardware kit. Make sure you explain the situation in the comments section too.



Bah, guess it's time slap on the stock cooler for a bit!



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