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CMFSL3-8GB: Device Not Recognized, Blinks Rapidly Upon Plugging In


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My Flash Voyager Slider USB 3.0 8GB drive (CMFSL3-8GB) is no longer recognized, on either a Windows or Linux computer. Upon plugging in the drive, the LED blinks rapidly; about 7 blinks occur in the period of one second, after which it either stays on or stays off. I have had the drive for a little over a month now.


Can I do anything to fix this? If not, how do I go about requesting an RMA if the appropriate model number (CMFSL3-8GB) does not appear as a choice at the support page?


:sunglasse Thanks.

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Not sure if there are any fixes for it.


Choose any part number and make sure you add that your are requesting an RMA to replace a Flash Voyager Slider USB (CMFSL3-8GB). Also post your case # here as RAM GUY or a rep can change the part # for you.

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